As a professional graphic design company, we specialize in providing creative visual solutions for various types of projects. We have a team of experienced graphic designers, art directors, and other project planners, who work together to create visually appealing designs that effectively communicate the message of our clients.

We offer a range of services, including logo design, branding, web design, and much more. We work closely with clients to understand their needs and preferences, and then use their creative skills and expertise to develop unique and effective designs that meet those requirements.

The design process typically involves several stages, including research and brainstorming, concept development, presentation, revisions, and finalizing the design. Throughout this process, our project planner will keep you up to date on the process.


vaal triangle logo design services option1


This logo’s concept focused on the word itself with regards to colour and layout. No additional icons were added to portray anything specific, for the brand to be used on and for anything in the future, should the range or products or vision expand. Thus, not restricting the brand and a futuristic type of design style was used. The lettering is not just a normal letter type font, it is separate elements made up to “portray” a font type. All of them put together forms an actual word. The colours chosen is nothing like any other vegan brands and formed part of the trendy 2022 colour palettes (with this logo being designed during 2022).

vaal triangle logo design services option2


Logo option 2 consist of a font as well as an icon, but still in a landscape view. Although an icon was used, it does not stand alone and forms a crucial part of the logo itself. This logo’s focus is the leaf icon as well as the combination of colours – running from green to rust to a pastel beige-orange.

Again, these colours are different than any other vegan or “organic” brands. Also a trendy colour combination for 2022. 

The font type used is not a traditional letter type font. The leaf icon is used instead of the letter “I” with the m curling around it (as nature forms a huge part in the brand), and again the G and the N are connected to one another. Portraying a natural and genuine feel with an earthy tone.

vaal triangle logo design services option3


The whole of this logo captures an organic feel with a modern and fresh colour palette. Because the logo consists of an abstract organic shape background, you would not need to worry about the logo disappearing when used on top of a busy background. The rounded, abstract shapes of the leaves communicate the idea of a growing, fresh, and trustworthy brand. Because these shapes have a hand drawn feel to it, it gives a strong impression of a genuine product, combined with a serif font to establish the perfect balance between welcoming, yet professional.

vaal triangle logo design services option4


This logo is modern and captures an innovative and organic brand. The ‘g’ that is tilted forward, represents the unique method, as well as forward thinkers (which compliments a futuristic statement) – It is a subtle indication that the brand is unique and has a different approach than the competition.


vaal triangle corporate identity design company

Showcasing in this post, we’ve developed for this specific client, a professional logo, business card, letterhead, and email signature, forming a complete corporate identity pack. This was followed by a power point presentation pack. And then implemented to brochures, z-fold flyers, packaging and shop signage.

vaal triangle zfold design company

Overall, a professional graphic design company is an essential partner for any business or individual looking to create a strong visual presence and communicate their message effectively through design, and that is why we are here. To help you bring to live the vision you hold close to your heart!

vaal triangle powerpoint presentation design company
vaal triangle packaging design company
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Investing in a professional design team like ours can give your company the edge. Our portfolio is proof of our track record – showcasing hundreds of successful brands that we have developed over time. Let us help you create an awesome brand that will showcase your brand’s uniqueness in a professional way!

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