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On Site or On Page SEO  practice refers to optimizing webpages on your website to improve a website’s search engine rankings and earn organic free traffic. But also adding new content to your website in correct way to improve a website’s search engine rankings and earn organic free traffic.

In addition to publishing relevant, high-quality content, on-page SEO includes optimizing your headlines, HTML tags (title, meta, and header), and images. This type of content marketing is more permanent that Google Ads and eventually brings in free traffic and will have a return on investment over time. Where any type of Adverts are temporary, just until the budget runs out.

Some Search Engine Basics that can help you understand the need for SEO:

Google sends out crawlers, or spiders, to explore the internet al the time. They follow links from one site to another, building a map of searchable content called a search index.

The algorithm that powers Google’s search engine is constantly being updated, which means the site’s ranking can change at any time. If you want your business or website to maintain its position or ge a better position on Search Engine Results, then it needs frequent optimization.

As sites are explored by crawlers, they evaluate the content of each site to determine what kind information it contains. This data is then used by Google’s algorithm in order to answer queries from users more accurately and efficiently; which results in better rankings for those websites. Google is looking for content that has and portrays; Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness

On Page/Site SEO does three things:

1. It improves Googles understanding of your website content and constructs association with certain keywords, industries, services
2. Improves page rank in search results as Google has a better insight of what your website is about.
3. Helps Google’s algorithm understand your level of proficiency, authority, expertise, and trustworthiness on a certain matter. With higher authority comes more organic traffic.

SEO can be implemented on different levels depending on users needs and budget. SEO is a marketing strategy implemented over a long period and should be implemented along side other marketing strategies for best results.

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NOTE: We are updating our new SEO calculator, and will have it up and running soon.

SEO SERVICE 1: ONCE OFF ADVANCE SEO FIX – Contact us for a quote based on your website.

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So if a client wants to rank for new 5 Keywords / Key phrases each month, they will need to (1) select what kind of Keywords / Key phrases they want to rank for in Google Search.

In other words, you get Local SEO Keywords, they are keywords like: “Purification Products Pretoria” | “Purification Products Waterkloof”

Or Provincial SEO Keywords, which are are keywords like:  “Purification Products in Gauteng”

Or National SEO Keywords, which are are keywords like:  “Purification Products in South Africa”

We can also optimize website for African Country SEO Keywords, which are keywords like: “Purification Products in Lesotho” or “Purification Products in Botswana”.

Clients can choose a mixture of keyword regions! 

In the (2) Calculator below it is easy to create your perfect combination that suits your monthly budget.

If the client (3) selects 5 Keywords / Key phrases then they will cover an amount of 60 Keywords / Key phrases in one year cycle.

In other words the clients website will/should rank organically (free) for additional 60 Keywords / Key phrases after the 12 month cycle has past. That is 60 Keyword Searches that can bring visitors to your website that you could not rank for before.

We actually recommend that a clients follow a On Page SEO Strategy to rank for at least 4 to 6 variations of each Keyword Phrase over time, as we’ve seen best result in case studies.

What do we mean by this? If you have a Keyword / Key phrase like “Purification Products Supplier Cape Town”, you should plan your strategy to rank for at least 4-6 extra related phrases like the ones below as each phrase you see below is a Keyword in itself.

  1. Cape Town Purification Products Supplier
  2. Supplier of Purification Products in Cape Town
  3. Cape Town Supplier for Purification Products
  4. Purification Product Supplier based in Cape Town
  5. Top Purification Products Supplier in Cape Town
  6. Cape Town’s Premier Purification Products Supplier

Other Transactional Keywords (in the same keyword group) to try and rank for will be:

“Expert Purification System Installation Cape Town”
“Efficient Water Filter Maintenance Services Cape Town”
“Professional Air Purifier Installation Cape Town”
“Reliable UV Sterilizer Maintenance Services Cape Town”
“Prompt Reverse Osmosis System Repair Cape Town”
“Convenient Carbon Filter Replacement Services Cape Town”
“Effortless Water Softener Installation Cape Town”
“Dependable Ion Exchange System Repair Cape Town”
“Professional Ozone System Maintenance Cape Town”
“Easy Filtration Media Replacement Services Cape Town”
“Seamless Distillation System Installation Cape Town”

Please remember that we should not SEO try and manipulate Google with fake SEO attempts. Keep things real!

SEO is also a long game. If you want fast results then you should consider running Google Ads.

The idea behind On Page SEO is to inform, teach and help Search Engines and AI learn what your website is about. When you switch off your Google Ads, your website search result diappear with your ads. Thus SEO is a lasting strategy to rank for your industries search terms.

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