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For many small businesses just starting out, it is common to cut some corners on graphic design by using a cheap online service. In the long-run, many find out this is a mistake. A professionally designed identity is designed for what you represent and how you want to be perceived. When you go cheap on your company branding and marketing, it can affect how your business is viewed in the market.
A skilled graphic designer will translate your company’s message, services and product information using eye-catching visuals. At Bunnypants, we strategically use a combination of technology, art, text, and images to convey messages that attract consumer attention. Designers are generally pretty creative folks, and we like to help our clients get the most out of every project. Remember, hiring a designer is likely to mean that you’ll end up with a better finished product than you could have put together, even if you’re skilled at making things look good. His or her ideas may lead to a more eye-catching, more appealing and more polished piece than you would have created.
With that in mind, JPB Electrical requested for Bunnypants to not only design their website, but also extend their brand into a professionally designed company profile. Presenting their specialised services and areas of expertise in a well formulated and creative brochure format. Which they can print or email to potential or existing clients.
JPB Electrical was established in 1996 as an electrical company and has continued to grow in both staff and clients. They have been providing a wide variety of electrical services and products for over 23 years. Their reputation as electrical contractors has been built on good customer relations and they are delighted to be in the position to supply their services to the commercial, industrial and residential industry.
With this well achieved reputation, they needed well designed marketing material to extend their credibility to customers not familiar with their brand.
Keeping your brand and marketing consistant, is essential for recognition and sustainability!
If you use different logos, different fonts and different messages everywhere, it’s going to be hard to look professional – never mind standing out in a potential customer’s mind. We as designers know how to watch those little details and ensure that every piece of marketing communications fits with everything else. Sure, your customers may not notice if you used “Times New Roman” in one ad and “Calibri” in another, but the subconscious mind picks up details and uses them to form an overall opinion of your business. You look and seem more put together if everything does, in fact, fit together.
Get your marketing material in order, and contact us today!
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