Wedding Website - Craig & Marilize

Wedding Website - Craig & Marilize


Did you know that it is recommended that your wedding should be branded?
Yes, of course you did!


But did you know that one of the easiest ways that design takes centre stage in contemporary weddings is through the wedding website?
And that Bunnypants can help you create the perfect wedding website? A website with all the relevant information about your upcoming event of the year, or no, event of a lifetime! To have and to hold!


With online invitations, it's incredibly easy to make your save-the-dates, invites, wedding website, and even thank you cards all part of the same design style.
Incorporate your wedding colours and the general vibe of your wedding into the details of your invitation, just as you would with a traditional invitation.
The colour scheme, fonts, and general look and feel, everything that you would like to add to this first impression of your very special day to your guests.


These websites are, granted, extremely helpful for guests. But also, extremely memorable to the wedding couple! >


You even have the opportunity to convert your wedding website to a personal blog afterwards, sharing and updating all the "after" stories.
Like your honeymoon photos, your first home, your pregnancy and babies and all the rest of your "happily ever after" stories. >

Phone us today to get your story online and ready to share to the most important people in your life!


Wedding Website - Craig & Marilize


Wedding Website - Craig & Marilize

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