Lee Diamonds - Business Branding Package Design

Lee Diamonds - Business Branding Package Design 


One of the biggest problems new businesses face, is finding a unique identity and applying it to a brand image that will stand out from their competitors. This is how we implemented a unique brand for Lee Diamonds that could be used in a variety of different ways.


With an already finalised business plan and registered name, Lee Diamonds needed a brand that depicts their personality and style. Finding this image and making it the identity of the business was no easy feat. It needed to stand out en speak of exclusiveness, after all jewelery is an exceptional experience.


No matter the industry - the competition is tough, so with everything you do you need to make sure you set up your business to have its best chance of success.


With an elegant look that incorporates blue hues the corporate identity sets the tone of a very versatile design concept that applies to a broad market within the client’s industry. This helps the client to easily have marketing designs created in the future. The general look is very clean with just a hint of finer detail to round it off.


Now that the logo, business card, email signature and letterhead was in place, Lee Diamonds were all set to get started and dazzle their clients with an array of products.


Bunnypants, helping you build your dream in a visual display of designs.


Lee Diamonds - Business Branding Package Design 


Lee Diamonds - Business Branding Package Design 

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