Kuvula Logistics - Company Profile

Kuvula Logistics - Company Profile


Serious, but elegant. Professional, but approachable. Bringing balance to a design and giving it a multitude of meanings is what our team loves to do. This is exactly what was needed for the professional company profile design we created for Kuvula Logistics.


Their logo and brand was designed by us and we learned to know the client better during the development of their brand. This gave us a unique insight into what they may want, in terms of the look. With 3 included revisions, we refined the look of each page to match the look and feel of the of the company profile.


Placing thought provoking imagery very strategically, the images tell a story before even one word is read. This invites the reader to not only view the profile, but also to read it in entirely. With a very strong brand image represented in the designs of the pages, it’s clear that Kuvula Logistics is the company for your logistic needs.


Are you looking for corporate designs that will convey the message you want to give through to your clients and the public who don’t yet know you and are potential clients?


Our team takes time to get to know your story better and study your needs. We make use of a double check system to determine whether we feel the brief is represented in our designs and work hard at accomplishing each client’s brief.


Give us a call… Because we care about your needs.


Kuvula Logistics - Company Profile


Kuvula Logistics - Company Profile


Kuvula Logistics - Company Profile

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