Magic Garden Centre - Advert Design

Magic Garden Centre - Advert Design


Have a look at the latest design our creative team did for Magic Garden Centre. This is exactly what gets the team at Magic Garden Centre so excited. It's not just about every time they have a design project that needs to be done, but also about the relationship we have with them.


Because we designed so many of their previous designs and understand the image of their brand, it is now very easy for us to apply their design style to their designs, keeping it true to their brand.


During this project, the aim was to create a newspaper advert that would be published in their local newspaper. By taking the information they needed to be featured on the newspaper advert and combining it with a simple but effective design the design quickly took form.


Do you need to have advertising elements / marketing materials designed for your business? Just give us a call and we can get the design done for you.


Magic Garden Centre - Advert Design

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