Crown Jewellers - Marketing Material Design


Attention to detail, creativity and lasting relationships is what you need when having designs made for your business. This is exactly what Crown Jewellers gets so excited about every time they have a design project that needs to be done.


Because we have been their trusted design supplier for many years, it is now much easier for us to apply their branding needs to new designs and we know how to keep their designs true to their much loved brand.


During this project, the aim was to create a Facebook advert for the annual Black Friday sale that most retailers take part in. By taking the information they needed to be featured on the design and combining it with a simple, yet effective design elements the Facebook ad quickly took form.


With another recognizable Crown Jewellers design, the brand becomes more and more well-known because it is being used consistently.


What design needs do you have that our fun design team can help you with?

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