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LMS System Website Design



What do you do when your brand is only step one and an advanced system is step 2? Our team has 15 years solid experience in both design and website development.


We guide our clients through their brand development, making them part of every part of the experience to ensure the brand we develop is in line with their brief. This builds a strong client-designer relationship and helps develop the client’s vision of the brand and the application thereof.


LMS System Website Design


LMS System Website Design


Because we aren’t just artistic and creative, but also technically inquisitive; we strive to offer our clients a workable solution for their more challenging website projects. We now confidently develop LMS systems for our clients with a need to supply training whether it be for a university or just to sell intellectual knowledge.


Here is one of the latest LMS systems we built that supplies you with online training and membership that is based on the option you paid for. You can access all your specific course’s information and learning material via the website or an app linking you to the login. With detailed information kept on record within your website, you as the learning supplier can easily manage all members and make changes if needed.


At a fraction of the price these kind of training websites usually cost to develop, our LMS system is a sound business investment. It’s easily customizable to suit your specific needs and we incorporate the look and colours of your brand in every part of the website. Because our LMS system is a content management system (CMS based website), it is much easier to manage, maintain and customize than most systems out there.


The great thing is that we can also easily set up the SEO and make it mobile responsive, as to adhere to the regulations Google measures websites by.


We have a passion to offer our clients working design and digital solutions for their real life challenges and in this way to help them make a success not only of their business but also of their dream.


Contact Bunnypants today, the place where the proof of success is in the pudding.


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