HIS House TM - Tri-Fold Brochure Design

 HIS House TM - Z Fold Design


A Z-fold/Tri-fold brochure is a very good concept for advertising. It's small and compact, yet also big and full of information when unfolded.


The HIS house Z-fold brochure shows us just how much you can advertise in one printed media, without losing your professional design style.


We designed the folder with their brand in mind, but focused on the placement of their information - as both aspects are very important.


The balance of colours in contrast with the readability of the information, the placement of photos and the style used to feature them, this is all things we play around with until there is balance in the design.


Once the client is happy with the design and gives us final approval, we can save the files print-ready. Because we give a very personal service, we save the print ready files according to the specs of the printing company YOU use.


Are you ready to have your custom printed media designed? Give us a call.


 HIS House TM - Tri Fold Design

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