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 DFGilchrist T/A Refractories Options & Solutions - CI Design


Your brand forms an essential part of your business and can help open or close doors for your business. You might think that is taking it too far, but the truth is; people form their impressions based on what they see. They might evaluate your service or product quality, but by then they have already assessed your brand and formulated their first impressions based on that.


DFGILCHRIST T/A REFRACTORIES OPTIONS & SOLUTIONS had a very distinct idea of the look they wanted for their brand. We started with the logo and focused on pyramid designs, as this had great significance for them. Once a logo was established, we could incorporate it into the design of the corporate identity that consists of a letterhead, business card and email signature; which are the main items any business will require.


The general tone of design needed to be urban and industrial, but still have a professional feeling to it. Combining different design tones sometimes make it a bit difficult to find a direction that works, but when doing it in the right quantities, it gives you a balanced design with depth.


Being refractory consultants, DFGILCHRIST T/A REFRACTORIES OPTIONS & SOLUTIONS comes in contact with very big companies and industry leaders - making their branding so much more important. It needs to be of a high standard to show they have a well thought out brand and are proud of their company.


Whether you’re a start-up business or you have 47 years industry experience, getting the basics in order will help align the vision of your enterprise.


 DFGilchrist T/A Refractories Options & Solutions - CI Design

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