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When designing any brand, we keep the future of the brand in mind and what they would like to accomplish with it. Our custom designs in combination with this unique way of thinking, brings our designs to a new standard and sets us apart from our competition.


We used these guides to design a company profile for Lusa. Lusa is a driven company, who is very involved in the community and community projects. For this project, we needed to give the designs a more modern and funky look, while keeping their specific company identity and brand guideline in mind.


This can become a daunting task, but if you have more than 12 years experience in personalised service delivery and custom designs, you learn to identify core design elements that add to the brand. This can then be used to continue in the future designs while keeping true to the brand, even if the brand wasn’t developed by us. That is where talent and experience meets.


Have a glance at their designs and what the finished product looks like.



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