Americana Hardware - Logo Redraw

americana hardware logo redraw


Is the identity of your business memorable enough? Having your own distinct look is what each business wants and needs to set them apart from their closest competition. For every business, there are pains and struggles within their industry that needs to be overcome; identity is only one of them.

Americana Hardware is one of our longstanding clients for whom we have completed many a tasks during the years. The latest of these projects was the redraw of their existing logo. It grew more and more important to them to have their already well known logo in all the high resolution files they would need in the future. This is just one of the many customized services the Bunnypants team can offer clients.

While doing the redraw, we made some minor changes to the logo to give it a bit of an upgrade (with the client's consent, ofcourse) with the same feeling of trust and quality it always had.

Because we are specialists in our field, we’re not limited by only one line of expertise when it comes to our design work. We are a very flexible team, who is able to offer brand new designs or a redraw off timeless and loved designs. How many graphic design companies can offer such a customized service at such a competitive price?

Don’t let the search for quality get the best of you, give us a call today and let us solve your design problems.

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