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Meet Pierre Lamont a true Vaaltonian, through and through. He was born in Vereeniging, and has been living there now for 33 years. Unfortunately on 5 June 1999 Pierre's life changed forever.  He broke his neck - a freak accident in a rugby match, which left him paralyzed from the neck down at the tender age of 16. He still LOVES rugby with somewhat of an obsessive passion for all sports, guess you can call him a regular sports nut. For Pierre, there is nothing better than a good sport debate: Even if peoples views differ by day and night. Some good clean banter is the cherry on the top of a good debate. His blood is red not because of him being a fanatic Lions support but because his doctor said so... hehe! 

The Bunnypants Team build Pierre personal blog, where he can debate sports and get his readers engaged in some conversation about sports. 

A Personal or product blog a cool way to either promote yourself, your ideas or even products or news in general. Blogs are getting more and more popular in South Africa. The Bunnypants Team can also build you a blog and train you how to update it with posts, pictures and videos. See our Web Design Price Page for our blog prices.

Yes, we know there are free blogging platforms available online, but will you be able to:

  • brand it with your personal graphics?
  • do Search Engine Optimization? Remember people will need to find your blog online to read it.
  • train yourself to do posts, upload videos and other content?
  • will you be able to setup social media sharing?
  • will you be able to setup the free blog on your own personalized domain?, as free blogging platforms usually run in sub domains of the main domain. 
  • will you know how to Open Graph markup content for Social Media channels?
  • will your blog be secure enough on a free blog service site?

To read and follow Pierre's blog go to http://pierre-lamont.vaalio.co.za

The blog was sponsored by Vaalio.co.za


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