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Calling all new and upcoming business owners in need of professional branding. Look no further, because Bunnypants is the design company for you! Just hop over to our pricing page for more details on what graphic design package will suit you the best.


Today we are happy to introduce one of our newly completed business brands, designed for Emogie. The brand we developed for this client consists of a logo, business card and letterhead. This brand new business needed a strong look to set them apart from their competitors and show that they mean business.


From the beginning their identity was made clear in the designs and they loved the way we represented it. The idea behind the designs was that they needed to be simple but sophisticated, to match their tone of business.


I guess the success behind our work is the fact that we see every business as an entity with its own personality - more than just a design. The design needs to speak to you and show its character wherever it’s used. Take a look at how we interpreted the designs for Emogie, based on their detailed brief.


Just think of all the design options we would be able to make for you? If you don’t contact us today, your competitors will jump the gun and leave you in the dust. Don’t take that chance, let us help you stand out!


Don’t forget we specialize in a variety of corporate designs, website design and wedding website design. So as FNB always says, how can we help you?


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