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A Learning Management System (LMS) or Course Management System (CMS) is a platform that integrates technology, teaching, and study. It is a digital environment where course administrators lay out the structure, syllabus, and guidelines of a training program.

An LMS is a space for educators to set lesson plans, host content, track progress and attainment, and directly teach. For students, an LMS is the place to study, complete assessments and assignments, and interact with their peers. In short, an LMS is a hyper-accessible, flexible eClassroom, which moves and adapts to the needs of educational organizations.

Our LMS is specifically suited for short courses, extra lessons, tutoring and how-to type of training. Don’t under estimate this system as it is still very powerful LMS but we will recommend it for smaller education companies, training centres, bloggers who want to teach and will also suite an induvidual or entrepreneur like a business or professional coach to deliver their content to prospecting clients. 

Easily create & sell courses, deliver quizzes, award certificates, manage users, download reports, and so much more with this system. By using our LMS you have access to the latest e-learning industry trends for creating robust learning experiences. Although this LMS is 100% mobile friendly & responsive it does not have IOS, Andriod, Windows and Mac Apps. This Learning Management System (LMS) is trusted by companies, universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses and is very popular choice.


Our LMS ProPanel Dashboad enhances your admin experience by consolidating reporting and assignment management, giving you the ability to send course specific communications, and showing real-time activity of your courses!

  • See real-time activity as users take your courses.
  • Approve, delete, and manage all assignments & essays.
  • View and download user course progress & quiz results.

lms overview widget


The drag & drop Course Builder allows you to easily create multi-layer courses. It is also the only course builder on the market that let’s you re-use your content, making it easy for you to spin-up courses! You can rename the labels to anything you wish. For example, you can rename “Lessons” to “Modules”.

Break-up courses into sections, lessons, topics, and quizzes.

powerful lms course builder

The course builder provides an easy, intuitive way to build out your courses. You can add new sections, lessons, topics & quizzes without ever leaving the page.  In addition to adding content, you can also use the course builder to rearrange lessons, topics & quizzes.

lms course builder edit courses page

Some easy access features you will see in the course builder is:

  • The total number of steps in the course.
  • This is comprised of all lessons, topics & quizzes that have been assigned to the course.
  • An “Undo” link, after you’ve made your first edit.
  • A link to “Expand All” or “Collapse All” course steps.
  • This makes it easier to see all steps at once, and more quickly rearrange, add or remove course steps.
  • Immediately following this, you’ll see all of your course content. This is where you’ll spend the majority of your time building out your course.

There are multiple ways to add content with the course builder. How you go about adding your content will depend on a few things:

  • what type of content you’re adding. 
  • personal preference.

lms drag and drop section headings

Section headings provide a simple way to break your course into sections. They don’t contain any actual content, and are simply a text-only heading that can be placed between any two lessons. They work in a similar fashion to chapters in a book.

Aside from section headings, lessons will likely be the first type of content you’ll want to add to your course. You can create brand new lessons directly from the course builder, or add existing lessons that you’ve already created.

adding lessons to lms

Aside from section headings, lessons will likely be the first type of content you’ll want to add to your course. You can create brand new lessons directly from the course builder, or add existing lessons that you’ve already created.

drag drop lessons in lms system

Drag & drop: If you’d like to add lessons in a particular spot within your course, you can click & hold down your mouse, drag the lesson to the course builder in the spot you want it, and then release. This will place the lesson in your specified location within the course.

Quizzes can be added to lessons & topics, or as a final quiz to the course itself. Any combination of these will work. You can create new quizzes directly from the course builder, or pull in existing quizzes you’ve already created.

adding quizes to lms


The Quiz is Finished… Now What?
Quizzing is only part of the equation. When the quiz is over, you have a multitude of options on how you want to display the results. You can show correct & incorrect responses, email the score, award personalized certificates, and so much more!

  • Certificates & Levels:Award certificates and levels to users who successfully pass.
  • Display Leaderboards: Show which users have earned the most points on the quiz.
  • Dynamic Results Display: Show up to 15 unique messages based on the how the user scored on the quiz.
  • Question Review: Allow users to review their questions and answers.
  • Answer Statistics: Review quiz results by individual user and by question.
  • Category Scoring: Put questions into categories and display category performance in the results.
  • Email Results: Send the quiz results to the user, the admin, or the group leader.
  • Automatic Scoring: Quizzes are instantly scored and results presented to the user.
  • Essay Review: Option to manually score and comment on essay (free text) responses.

Encourage conversation among learners by adding a course specific forum to your courses and limit participation to only those who are enrolled into the course.

Private or public course specific forums for your enrolled users.

lms forums

  • Automatic Forum Access: As soon as someone purchases (or registers) for a course, they are granted forum access so that they can create new threads and topics.
  • Public or Private Forums: Allow visitors to see forum topics or block the forum contents entirely so they are exclusive for your enrolled users.
  • Multi-Forum Support: Associate as many forums as you want to your course.
  • Dynamic Associated Forum Widget: Place this widget in your course sidebar and it will dynamically display the associated forums for the course. Users can click on the associated forum name to be taken to the forum itself for posting.
  • As you can imagine, this integration allows you to add additional value to your courses. You can now create course-specific communities to engage your users even further. Make the forums exclusive to only those who are enrolled, or leave them open – the choice is yours!

Take your class LMS to another level by using the feature-packed Gradebook.

  • Automatically syncs with LearnDash quiz and assignment grades. 
  • Supports manual grade submission. 
  • Weighted grades and Offline grading. 
  • Learner Report Cards.

lms gradebook

This is a prefect tool if you are using LMS in a traditional classroom setting or wish to have a blended learning program.

With the Gradebook add-on you can mange your students grades and track their online progress all from a centralized location – no more jumping between tools!

lms report card

Detailed Features:

  • Front-End Report Card – Privately share learner grades with the front-end report card feature. They simply log-in and can see how they are performing. An example of this is shown above.
  • Automatically Synced – The gradebook will automatically pull in grades from your LMS based quizzes and assignments.
  • Manual Grade Entry – Administer grades for non-LMS items, such as classroom participation, projects, or reading assignments. If it needs a grade it can be added to the gradebook!
  • Weighted Grades – Need a grade to be weighted? No problem! Just select the option and you are all set.
  • Custom Grading Scale – Configure a custom grading scale to match your needs (i.e. what constitutes an “A” versus an “A-” or a “B+”), or choose to not use letter grades at all!

Award official certificates based on quiz performance, completeing a course, or both! Certificates can be 100% customized and support dynamic data generation, including:

  • First & Last Name
  • Course or Quiz Name
  • Date Stamps
  • Quiz Score
  • Avg. Score of All Quizzes
  • And Much More!

BP LMS Certificate sample


Using the LMS you can sell individual courses and each course acts as its own “membership”, effectively granting content access to only those who are enrolled. However, you can also use traditional membership plugins in conjunction with the LMS! contact us for popular options that can be added.

When someone purchases a membership level, they are automatically enrolled in any course that is part of that level!

lms site memberships


Want to offer your courses in bundles? Using the LMS and our integrations this just takes a few “clicks”! When someone purchases a bundle they are then enrolled into all of the courses in that bundle. This is a great way to provide discounts for bulk purchases!

lms course bundels


The LMS User Dashboard offers robust user profiles so your learners can see which courses they can access, their progress, quiz performance, and print any earned certificates. As the admin, you can quickly and easily manage your users. 

  • Enroll and un-enroll any user.

  • Re-print certificates. 

  • Assign Groups.

  • Manage points.

  • Delete course data.

  • Modify usesrname, email, password, and more.

  • Mark and un-mark courses, lessons, and quizzes as complete.

lms user profiles


Organize your learners any way you wish by placing them into LMS Groups. Once in a group, assign a Group Leader who can manage their progress and performance.

LMS Groups is a great way to mass-enroll users into courses and to make sure that they are all on the same drip-feed schedule for the content. You can also pull group related reports so you always know how they are performing.

lms user group management


Require that your learners submit assignments at different parts of your course. Assignments can be required at the Lesson level and the Topic level. Choose to have them automatically approved, or require that they be manually awarded points & approved.

Leave feedback by including private comments on the assignment that only the submitter will be able to see.

lms lession assignment


Have a need to use a program like Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, iSpring, or H5P? No problem! LMS add-ons makes this possible. And since you are using the LMS, you can say ‘goodbye’ to user and enrollment fees!

Just want to insert content created in Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate without worrying about Tin Can API or SCORM*? We have you covered there too!

lms scorm apis


Our LMS created courses can be taken “on-the-go” on tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. Although the LMS System does not have a native Apple or Andriod App as standard feature – it is 100% mobile responsive and compatible without any extra costs. For more info on a Mobile APP option contact our office. 

mobile resposive lms


Assignments allow your users to upload files to any lesson or topic of your choosing. They are completely optional, but provide a more in-depth way for you to check-in on a user’s comprehension of the learning material.

LMS assignments UPLOAD example


Give your learners an experience like no other with our Focus Mode, a dedicated virtual learning environment. Focus Mode eliminates distractions and let your content shine – helping to increase learner retention and completion rates! We add your own logo and brand colors for a truly immersive, branded experience!

Focus Mode User Experience enhances your LMS browsing experience in the following ways:

  • Makes viewing courses and course content easy on all screen sizes (desktop, tablet & mobile)
  • Main navigation & footer elements are removed from the page
  • Any sidebars, if present, are also removed from the page
  • Course navigation is always visible in a sidebar tray
  • Course progress is always visible at the top of the screen
  • Next/Previous lesson & topic navigation is always available at the top of the screen
  • Mark Complete button is always visible at the top of the screen
  • User’s avatar is shown in the top navigation, along with “Course Home” and “Logout” links.

lms course focus mode


Using the LMS you can choose from eight different question types with the options you need to customize the quizzing experience.

Single Answer, Multiple Choice, Sorting, Matching, Fill-In-The-Blank, Free Text, Survey, and Essay questions all supported.

More features:

  • Display custom messages based on quiz performance.
  • Enforce Quiz timers and use Question Banks.
  • Select any type of media in both the questions and answers options.
  • Eight question types, custom messages, and MUCH more.lms customize the quizzing experience

Create Meaningful Questions & Assessments
Need learners to mix-and-match images? No problem. Want to manually grade a long answer? We have you covered. The LMS question types allow for any media (text, videos, audio, and images). Say “goodbye” to boring!

  • 8 Question Types: Single choice, multiple choice, free text, sorting, matching, essay, fill-in-the-blank, and survey.
  • Question Banks: Create question banks and organize them into categories.
  • Insert Any Media: Add video, audio, and images to any of the questions & answer choices.
  • Flexible Question Display: Show all questions at once, one at a time, several on a page, and even allow users to skip.
  • Randomize: Randomly display both questions and the available answers.
  • Limit Attempts: Set a limit for the number of times a quiz can be attempted.
  • Block Progression: Require that a user passes a quiz before they can continue.
  • Time Limits: Limit and track the amount of time users spend taking a quiz.
  • Provide Hints: Give text, video, and image hints to users as they go through your quiz.

drag drop question lms quistion builder

Quizzes provide a way for you to measure a user’s comprehension of the learning material in your course. The LMS quizzes come with quite a few options to customize the experience.

adding answers to lms quiz

More Features:

Global Settings: Settings applied to all quizzes on your site
Quiz Builder: Add, edit, remove & manage a quiz, and all of its questions
Questions & Question Types: How to set up quiz questions & all available question types
Quiz Access & Progression: Set access restrictions & control how a user progresses through a quiz
Display & Content Settings: Customize several options for how a quiz appears to your users
Display Results: Customize how quiz results are displayed & provide answer feedback
Custom Fields: Collect additional information from users who take a quiz
Leaderboard: Promote competition by displaying user results in a leaderboard
Email Notifications: Notify users and/or admins when a quiz is completed

lms question settings



Using the LMS prerequisites you can determine which courses need to be taken and in what order. Create a guided learning path or give learners the option to choose the courses they take.

lms course prerequisits


Award points to learners as they complete courses, and allow learners to unlock new courses based on the points they have earned – great for letting them choose their own dynamic learning path!

Award points for completing courses and unlock new ones.



Charge a one-time fee for your courses, or choose to maximize revenue through recurring payments and subscriptions. When using a shopping cart, customers will lose access the moment that their subscription payment fails – ensuring that they maintain their course access only if they continue to pay.

Charge a one-time fee, or maximize revenue through recurring payments and subscriptions.

subscriptions payments lms


Easily implement a shopping cart experience for your courses by integrating a shopping cart. Receive online payments quickly and safely.

E- commerce Shopping carts give you extra features such as additional reporting metrics, coupon support, affiliate programs, and hundreds of additional payment gateways!

sell lms courses online


Allow organizations to purchase licenses in bulk and then grant access to their staff. After purchase, the staff are all added to the same group where the Group Leader can track their progress and performance!

lms group management


Communicating with learners and Group leaders is a breeze with LMS Dashboard email notifications.

  • Email learners of a particular course or status. 

  • Configure automatic emails based on activities. 

  • Set-up reminder notifications when a new lesson is available, a course is about to expire, or if the learner has not logged in for a few days. 

  • Connect to popular email platforms like MailChimp (requires an add-on)

lms email notifications


LMS reporting captures all the details you care about on your learners and courses. Popular reports include:

  • Course Progress

    View a learner’s courses and their progress in each one.

  • Quiz Performance

    Track learner quiz attempts, if they passed, and their score.

  • Time on Course*

    Track how long a learner has spent on a course.

  • Live Activity Stream*

    See how learners are interacting with your course content in real-time.

  • Progress Breakdown*

    Graphical representation of exactly how far along learners are in a particular course.

  • Pending Approval*

    Queue of the assignments and essays requiring your attention.

lms detailed reporting


Allow learners to have indefinite access to your courses, or you can expire access after a certain amount of time. This is a perfect way to encourage re-certifications and renewals from your learners!

lms course expire


Since the LMS is built on the world’s most popular CMS, you can use literally any type of media for course content, including:

  • Images
  • Videos (self-hosted, or on platforms like YouTube & Vimeo)
  • Audio files
  • SWF files (from rapid e-learning platforms like Articulate & Captivate)
  • HTML5
  • And more!

lms media types supported


The Course Progress Bar widget displays three pieces of information, all related to the current user, and the current course being viewed (which is automatically detected by the LMS).

  • A horizontal progress bar, indicating the user’s progress in the course
  • The percentage of the course that has been completed thus far
  • The date of the user’s last activity

LMS course progress BAR example


The User Status displays the following information:

  • The courses in which the user is registered
  • A status indicator for each course, along with completion percentage & number of steps completed
  • The user’s enrollment date, if applicable

The following options are available:

  • Number of courses shown per page (before pagination appears)
  • Course order & order by options

lms user status bar example


If you have hundreds or thousands of assignments, viewing all assignments on one page based on when they were uploaded might not be the most helpful. You can filter assignments based on the following criteria:

  • Date uploaded
  • Course uploaded to
  • Lesson uploaded to
  • Approval status

LMS assignment filtering

Another way to locate a specific assignment is to search for it.

If you allow multiple file types to be uploaded, you can use the file extension to find all assignments of the same file type. For example:

  • Search pdf to find all PDF files
  • Search mp3 to find all mp3 audio files

lms download assignment

lms single assignment download

You can also approve an assignment from the All Assignments screen, or on any individual assignment.

lms quick approve assignment admin

lms quick approve assignment admin 1

If you’ve enabled points for an assignment upload, you can adjust them at any time.

lms assignment add points admin animation

As a course administrator, you have the ability to provide feedback (or comments) on assignments.

lms assignment add comment admin

  • The ability to customize the user experience for students, in terms of branding and course navigation.
  • A variety of appropriate learning tools, whether that’s a place to create written responses, a social/collaborative platform, or the possibility of gamified learning.
  • An engine for tracking student attainment and progress, which expands on traditional assessment by providing data-driven analytics and insights.
  • Total control over you system and owning of intellectual property.
  • Integration with WordPress and Woo Commerce to brand and sell courses online.
  • Return on investment is excellent and passive income can be very rewarding; after courses are created and run a while.
  • Branding and customizable.
  • Powerful Teaching & Learning Environment.
  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Developer Support Community.
  • Always up to date.
  • Flexible.
  • Manage yourselves or administrator.
  • Award Winning.
  • No user limit.
  • Unlimited courses.
  • Custom Certifications and auto certificate issuing per course.
  • Automated Backups.
  • No monthly fees, except hosting.
  • Analytics and Reports.
  • Mobile Friendly.
  • Cost Effective / ROI.
  • Measurable data – exports.
  • Personalised Learning.
  • Buy and Pay Courses Online.
  • Manage all users.
  • Scalable.
  • Simplified grading.
  • Support all multimedia formats.
  • Blended Learning.
  • Ongoing developing and improvement of system.
  • Backed by developers and development community.
  • Does the task it was created for.
  • Setep exams, quizzes, lessons and activities.
  • Interact with students.
  • Email notifications.
  • Content notifications.

Brand Website: To market your services, courses and brand. Includes custom designed Static Pages, Interactive Blog, Live Chat System, Whatsapp Integration, Electronic Enquiries, Social Sharing, Training how to manage website. | R10650 *Recommended Web Package

**The smallest Brand Website Pack the LMS can be integrated to costs R2950.

eCommerce for Courses: With this Add-on, you can sell & receive electronic payments online for courses that are uploaded into you LMS | R4280

eCommerce for Other Products: Sell physical or other downloadable products on your website, like merchandise or physical products | R3750

LMS System: Full LMS system integration features (see features above) to upload, build and manage courses content. We assist you to setup your first course and train you to do the rest. | R22500

Event Booking System: Enable clients to book for virtual or in-person events or classes online. Accept online payments as well | R7820

Appointment Booking System: Enable clients to view and book appointment slots on website front-end. Good for people who do consulting work by appointment. | R5650

Interactive Blended Learning & Gamification Add-on: Make learning more fun by gamifying learning. Includes 32 interactive modules to make learning fun and interactive. See video below for more info. | R7560

Zoom Integration: Integrate Zoom Sessions & Webinars into your Courses | R2950 

Points / Reward System Add-on: Students can earn points & rewards when doing learning activities | R5280

eCommerce with Point & Rewards: These Points or Rewards users earned can be used to purchase items, more courses or activities on your website, just like eBucks for your own website. | R14480

Course Content Building & Layout Design: Starting from R4200 up to R10650 we can design and layout your course content for you. Prices are based on complexity of course materials, interactive modules and design elements. We need to see your course content and establish your needs before we can supply a final quotation.

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