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According to the latest info received from Government, the POPIA compliancy act (also known as Popi Act) is of the utmost importance that cannot be ignored anymore.

We therefor feel the urge to update all our website clients on this matter.

Please note, you are not obligated in any way to make use of our company’s services.

We would just like to shine some light on the matter and offer our help to you as our client.

We’ve seen that your website is not POPIA compliant. The due date for compliancy is 1 July 2021.

For more info about this compliancy you can search POPIA Act, or visit the Government Gazette website.

If you are interested to get your website compliant, we can analyse your website and supply a quote so that we can assist in getting your website compliant with this law.

In short, websites also need to be POPIA compliant as part of the POPIA Act in full, because websites collect clients and visitors information either via Online Enquiry Forms, Live Chats, WhatsApp Chats, eCommerce, Google Analytics, Website Control Panel Statistics, Cart Systems. Other Systems and especially Web Cookies.

To get your website POPIA COMPLIANT, the following needs to get in place:

SSL Security Certificate.
ReCaptcha to make forms, logins or ecommerce more secure.
All electronic forms need an User Agreement option to confirm that the visitor understands you are collecting their data.
On eCommerce and Quote to Cart systems all Cart Checkouts need an User Agreement option to confirm that the visitor understands you are collecting their data by doing the transaction.
All websites need a Cookie Policy Agreement Popup with options where clients can either Agree or Deny Cookie tracking and also be linked to Cookie Policy.
All websites need a Privacy Policy page.
All websites need a Cookie Policy Page connected to the Popup Agreement that shows what information is tracked.
Visitors also need an option on the Privacy Policy page to request the info you have collected about them, as well as option to ask you to delete all info you have about them.
POPIA states that you as owner of the website needs to be able to recover the latest version of your website to supply data and transactions of clients or visitors on your website at all times in an event of a malicious act like hacking or your website has failed.

**Please note that Bunnypants is not enforcing this ACT on you and we are just giving you the option to comply legally to the POPIA act by aligning your website and the way your website handles information.

***This option is only to convert your website to be compliant and does not bring other parts of your business like electronic file storage, mail storage, paper file storage under compliance of this act.

Again, if you re interested to get the ball rolling on this, please send us an email for a quotation based on your website’s needs.

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