WordPress Core + Plugin System Maintenance Pack 2

Automated WordPress Backup to Dropbox

We update & maintain your WordPress Core files as well as your Plugins.

Look at general health of website.

Includes Website Restore

24 Month Contract

Add to Hosting Invoice

*Excludes Content Updates & SEO

*Includes Free Website Restore 

*Excludes Website Insurance

Terms and Conditions Apply

Terms and Conditions

  • Website must be on WordPress or Joomla Platform
  • Website must be in a healthy condition. To be determined by analysis.
  • A timestamp video of website will be created and stored before first backup is made of backend and frontend functions.
  • Website backup is not fail proof can fail due to following reasons: Technical issues or errors being backed up. Server Technology Changes not supporting website backup.
  • Contract will be signed.
  • Admin access will be needed to do analysis and setup backup.
  • Admin access to website can not be removed, as it is needed for monitoring the health of backups.
  • Restore fee of R2580 will be added to Pack 1 to restore old backup.
  • Backups are store on Bunnypants Dropbox folder for secure safekeeping, space allocation and to prevent tamper proof access.
  • Bunnypants is not responsible to maintain the health of the website during contract period.
  • Insurance option is to rebuild the website static pages only and does not include blog or dynamic content. Rebuilt will be based on original video of frontend. Bunnypants can quote to upgrade website during rebuilt process.
  • Client can request a digital backup to send to them for safe keeping.
  • Bunnypants is not responsible for malicious act, hacking or user negligence during contract period. Client needs to maintain website properly.
  • If major changes or upgrades are made to website client need to ask for a reanalysis and date stamped video of website to be made for records.
  • Client can ask for custom quote to backup website weekly, daily or any other extra parameters needed.
  • Payments are made pro-rata.
  • If clients skips payment, contract is declared void or nulled.
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