We all know how important it is to make a great first impression, especially when it comes to your brand. If you want your customers to trust you and feel confident in your services, then it’s crucial to have a polished, professional-looking corporate identity that showcases what you’re all about.

As so for this Lawn & Turf Specialist client, for whom we developed a complete corporate identity, including a professional logo design, which we supply in open Illustrator file format, as well as Photoshop, Jpeg, Pdf and Png format. Together with this we also supply to our clients their final brand colours & fonts, to set them up for success in using their designs on various applications.

Our CI also includes a business card design, letterhead design and email signature design. All which is also supplied in open Photoshop file format together with print ready and high-resolution jpeg and pdf formats, ready for their printing company to print without any hazards.


Agrano Turf CI Logo Option 1a


The main feature in this logo is the icon > Presenting a golf ball on a T. But the detail is inside. With the “zoomed in” perspective of the grass, it focusses turf yes, but also on the detail and unique skills it takes to create the perfect environment for golf turf to grow and be successful. And not only that, but everything around landscaping, renovations, sport’s turf etc. Also, the quality and experience are revealed in the lettering used. With letters rounded of “perfectly” with a very slight curve. (It is all in the detail). The logo can be used in landscape or portrait. The greens and blues used are more toned down, and not as bright and vibrant as competitors. Exactly for the reason NOT to be the same as them. And creating a more professional & experienced look and feel. Because of the clean-cut lines, the logo can be used with a white or black overlay on any colour background for branding purposes. Also as shown in the presentation.


Agrano Turf CI Logo Option 2a


In this option, we focused on the abbreviation a & t. The letters are divided with the shape of a grass, that forms the back side of the ‘a’. The crossed texture that is found on top of the icon illustrates a well looked after turf/surface, which in turn indicates a professional service. With abstract illustrations of grass to round of the “t” and compliment the shape of the grass in the ‘a’. The colour chosen for this option is earthy tones, where the green captures the grass, and the burnt orange gives a feel of soil. The logo is simple, clean cut and modern.

Agrano Turf CI Logo Option 2b


This option is a variation of OPTION 2A. The idea here, is to focus on the complete name. The turf has a grass-like feature running through the word – this illustrates a surface or landscape. The logo is simple, makes a statement but has a little bit of a fun feature to it that creates a welcoming feel.


Agrano Turf CI Presentation Option 1

Agrano Turf CI Presentation Option 2

After careful consideration and refining, the perfect concept was chosen for this client. With two free revisions rounds to ensure it met their exact requirements, we were able complete a full branding package that left them one hundred percent satisfied!

turf businesscard design south africa

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See the email signature design below:

argano turf email signature design vaaltriangle

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See the company letterhead design below:

argano turf letterhead design vaaltriangle 3

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