So, you’re engaged and already starting to think about your wedding day. A million things going through your head, your heart is racing and the list in your head is getting longer, what are you going to do?

Firstly, relax and take a deep breath. Now, remember what it’s all about and why you’re doing this. You’re going to spend the rest of your life with the man of your dreams and you want to shout it out to everyone to hear. In the end, that is all that matters and whether it’s in the alps with an adventurist styled wedding or a relaxed setting on the farm, you will still say I do.

Let’s go through some items that may be important to have on your list. The general look of your list will depend on how much comfort you take in having a list to plan important events, but you should at least have a basic list with the most important items on them. Believe me, you may have an idea of everything in your head, but the excitement will have you focusing on certain things and forgetting others before you even know it.

Here is a mockup list to help you; Feel free to copy it and use it as is or to add to it as your need changes:

Wedding day checklist:

  • Pick a date
  • Pick a venue (if outside have an indoor alternative for unforeseen whether changes)
  • Wedding night accommodation
  • Accommodation suggestions for out of town guests
  • Honeymoon accommodation and activities
  • Priest
  • Vows
  • Rings
  • Hair and make up
  • Nails
  • Wedding dress, veil and shoes
  • Grooms suit and shoes
  • Bridesmaids and groomsmen
  • Select a best man and maid of honor (if they are helping with the planning form a list of duties)
  • Ring bearer (keep in mind in or in what the rings will be placed)
  • Flower girl
  • Bridesmaids attire
  • Groomsmen attire
  • Get a save the date or invitation ready (you will need to send these out as soon as you can whether it’s a traditional card or wedding website)
  • Flowers (remember to include hand bouquets, shoulder bouquets, table flowers, flowers in the chapel isle, any other flowers you want to have)
  • Table setting (here you might need an extra list, imagine a complete table setting and then list all the items you want on it)
  • Bridal table setting
  • General décor for the rest of the venue or chapel
  • Food and welcoming drinks (keep in mind any dietary restrictions of your guest)
  • Drinks and bar
  • Wedding cake (also include cake stand, cake topper and knife)
  • Confetti (this is something that can easily be forgotten)
  • Printed items (this can include wedding stationery, menus, church flyers etc.)
  • Musicians and DJ’s (also include preferred music)
  • First dance song and dance routine
  • Table assignment
  • Transport to and from venue
  • Thank you gifts
  • Gift registry and gift table
  • Sign in register
  • Toasts and speeches

Arrange to have samples, testers or trials of everything before the big day. This is a key part in making sure that you and the service provider understands each other correctly and that they are in fact capable of completing the task to your standards.

Also, make sure to confirm any arrangements and costs as you get closer to the wedding date. Make sure bookings have been made correctly, deposits have been paid and special arrangements are in order. For any items you take to the venue to complete the décor or any other important items, make sure to plan the transport thereof beforehand.

Remember that this is only a general list and your actual checklist might be different, but most important item to add is to enjoy every single moment!

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