Meet Willem Nelson the Bunnypants Boss!
As co-owner of Bunnypants Graphic & Web Design Studio, together with his wife and all the designer, admin and project bunnies, they form the awesome team of this creative studio, based in the Gauteng, Vaal Triangle area. Bunnypants has a unique name which people do not forget. The brand was launched in early 2004. This very unusual name was formed from his wife Lorraine’s, maiden surname: Haasbroek > Haas = Bunny and Broek = Pants > Bunnypants!!

Although the studio is based in the Vaal Triangle in Gauteng, South Africa, they help and service clients all over Southern Africa and abroad. They have excellent communication skills and technology in place, to ensure their clients’ projects get done right and perfectly in time! Bunnypants main objective is customer service, you can even hear them smile over the phone!

As co-owner and founder, Lorraine Nelson, Willem’s wife, started the business in 2004 after graduating from the North-West University in Potchefstroom, with a degree in BA Graphic Design, a diploma in Photography as well as a diploma in Interior Design. She scouted her first paying client, in early 2004, and that was exactly when Bunnypants was born! The company was registered in 2006 as a Closed Corporation and exceeded all expectations since then. Bunnypants is celebrating their sweet 16th birthday this year!

In 2005, husband, Willem Nelson, left the corporate world to live his dream of creating & developing websites and online systems. Since then, Willem has taken over the role of managing the business, developing the staff, developing new products and creating awesome online products and websites, which not only looks good but also works great! His wife Lorraine, is now only fulfilling a support role, and by employing the correct, well-trained and very passionate staff, Willem is running the business very smoothly, enjoying every single step of the way!

Willem studied Computer Systems Engineering at the Vaal University of Technology and started out working for IBM beginning 1997. He worked on the ABSA IT contract for 13 years as a Senior Systems Engineer, and that is where his love and skills, for programming was formed and developed. Since then, Willem studied both Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, online, increasing his knowledge to design perfectly engineered websites. He received many other certifications on IBM, Lenovo, Dell, Google and Microsoft products. He is well known as an internet junkie and expert in content management systems, specifically Joomla.

Not only is Willem a Managing Partner at Bunnypants, but he is also serving at LCF, Life Christian Foundation, in facilitation men to strive to Authentic Manhood. Living a Christ-like life, being an authentic husband, father, friend, leader or worker. Willem also studied Theology at the Sovereign Grace Seminary, with Bible History as his main subject.

Furthermore, he also manages a separate non-profitable mens's adventure ministry, called Fishers of Men, spending time with like-minded men and serving others. To read more about this ministry go to 

an authentic, devoted and loving husband and man of God. He is passionate about his work, a leader in his skills, a father figure to many, and a passionate friend. His ability to learn, train and develop himself and others, is mind blowing, and a great advantage to Bunnypants. It is obvious that the business is not only in pretty awesome hands, but also motivated and lead by a loving and honest leader!

a computer genius, a story teller, a fascination conversationalist. He is a protector, a role model and a man who deserves respect at all time! They fiercely believe that he is the “go-to-guy” for almost everything. Whatever and whenever you need help or advise, Willem’s got a solution, and when he doesn’t, he tries his best in facilitating or searching until he finds one. Although he is very modest, and doesn’t think he knows it all, he kinda does….. :)
This site was designed and build by the Bunnypants Design Team
This site was designed and build by the Bunnypants Design Team

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