Collaboration is the fuel of any business, whether it is between employees, partners or customers. It is a driving force for continued efficiency among everyday tasks and a necessity for improving the outcomes of many business activities.

Bunnypants and Kenosis has joined hips as Business Partners to ensure we can serve clients with a turnkey solution to their needs. By collaborating our specialised services we have become a very competitive service delivery channel within the Design, Marketing and Media Industries.

Bunnypants brings strong graphic, web design and online marketing experience to the collaboration and Kenosis brings a strong photography, videography and stage (visual / audio) experience into this collaboration. Together both our companies have 22 years of experience in the digital/graphic/media and marketing industry.

Both companies are also well established in the wedding & entertainment industry. Kenosis has a brilliant wedding photography and videography portfolio and Bunnypants has been designing wedding stationery and event invitation websites for years.

Kenosis extensive experience in corporate videography complements corporate design services that Bunnypants has to offer business clients like Company Profiles, Business Websites, Online Media / Social Media Marketing and much much more.
Our business partner collaboration has no negative effect on you the client - it actually has only positive effect on your experience, product and client service.
Working collaboratively helps us to improve our business performance, stay competitive with our our product solutions and it also enhances our staff skills.
By working together we become business allies and not competitive business enemies. This ensures our products are fairly priced for both the consumer and our businesses.
In the process of collaboration we are adding more creative and administrative people like designers, project planner and account managers to our portfolio. These resources are used to bring a smoother more creative outcome to your turnkey project.
We engage in information-sharing and work together on cost-reduction measures to maximize our competitiveness. It helps us to see your needs and develop new products and solutions for you our customer.
We can share facilities, equipment, software, media files, raw materials and resources, thus giving you the best product, solution and customer experience.
With collaborating, we have created an business environment where you can get all of your business media, marketing and design needs met at one central point. We can now help you in a better time span at lower costs.