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Design Terms and Conditions
Design Terms and Conditions
To ensure the best quality solution for your business, we believe in laying down the groundwork before work begins. Our process consist of a few steps, each tailored to your unique brief supplied above.


Because a lot of time, effort and dedication goes into providing you with the perfect design, you are required to pay a 60% deposit prior to work commencing. The project will only be scheduled and uploaded to the workflow system once the down payment is received by us. Note that no deposit will be paid back, unless Bunnypants cancels the project.


The most important step in the process is to understand your vision. During this phase you outline the project objectives, deliverables, timeline and budget.


Research is vital in order to define the project objectives in more detail by establishing the current trend, styles & functionality. Please trust our abilities & experience in this matter.


During this step our design team develops concepts and designs which we then present to you in digital format through email communication.


You will have the opportunity to review the proposed solutions and deliver feedback. We then refine the concept if needed and provide the final look and feel.


Brand Development (CI consists of Logo, Business card & Letterhead concepts)

= first round of designs @ 7 to 10 working days from Deposit & Brief received

Adverts & Newsletters

= first round of designs @ 7 to 10 working days from Deposit & Brief received

Brochures & Folders 

= first round of designs incl. Cover Design and one content page template design @ 7 to 10 working days from Deposit & Brief received

= second round of designs incl. Page layouts of completed project depending on amount of pages
  • Each graphic design project includes 3 FREE revision rounds, but any amount of revisions can be added at any time @ R420/hour.


= first round of designs incl. Website Look & Feel of Home Page @ 7 to 10 working days from Deposit & Brief received

After feedback received on projects, revisions can take up to 3 days to be supplied back to you for your second round of approval and to be continued in this matter.

  • Each web design project includes 2 FREE revision rounds on template design and 2 free revision rounds on content changes, but any amount of revisions can be added at any time @ R420/hour.


After the designs are signed off, all High Resolution Artwork will be compiled and sent through, or when too big, uploaded to a shared Dropbox Folder.


If your project includes a Website, this is where we bridge the gap between aesthetics and functionality. Our developers begin the transformation of the flat design into a working website or application. A hidden live link will be supplied to view the website as soon as we are done (depending on the size of the website), in order for you to view and give final feedback.
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