One Off Design - Quote To Cart Website


Everybody in the modern world expects that a credible business should have some online presence, and a website is a great way to achieve such presence.


Traditionally, no customer would trust any business or individual that did not have a physical address or even a telephone, and the same applies to the modern world. If your business does not have a professionally designed website, no one will trust your products and services. And even more so in our current COVID-times, where shopping in store has become a little more difficult than it used to be.


One Off Design understands this well, and it was an honour for Bunnypants to work with the very talented Interior Designer Elzette Esplin, to create the perfect website for her high end products and services.


One Off Design is a passionate and creative company that has been working in different regions of South Africa for the past fifteen years. They have been involved in many different aspects of design such as Residential, Corporate, Commercial and Industrial in both architecture and interior. With this approach, they have developed an interior design service that has been built on the unique use of space using selected high-quality materials and ensuring only the finest workmanship.


With a beautifully arranged website and a quote to card function, you can view her products in advance, requesting a quote prior to any purchase. It gives you the perfect opportunity to find out more about products, view their detail online and selecting the perfect option for your budget.


View their gorgeous products online, from linen, to rugs, art, lighting and furniture. All in one space! And you can view them all online! In the comfort of home >


A quote to card system, is the perfect solution for any company wanting to present and promote their products online, without having an e-commerce shop. This gives the client the opportunity to find out more about the pricing, product details, shipping cost and any other information relevant to the product. They can enquire about products by adding products to a quote basket. And from there receive the correct quotation and information.

Quote to basket websites includes normal static pages as well, where information about your company, services, the team and the history can be shared. It also includes an Online Enquiry Form, a Google Map, an interactive Blog to share about product specials or more product information, an image or video gallery as well as the catalogue where your products are displayed in categories with product info and images.


This is the perfect online solution, replacing the traditional catalogue, presenting your product anywhere, anytime to all potential clients.


Find out more >


Our Bunnypants Team is ready to help you with setting up your own online shop, whether it be a quote to basket system or a fully functional e-commerce shop, we’ve got the skills. Contact us today!


One Off Design - Quote To Cart Website

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Swimkidz SA - Marketing material


You know you only get one chance. Whether it’s your email signature or Facebook post, corporate wear, or any other marketing material, viewers are going to judge a business in just a few seconds based on appearance alone. Professional quality graphic design will give your business credibility - and that’s priceless.


You could indeed have the greatest product or service out there, but if it’s presented with a bad design not many people are going to stick around long enough to find out.


This is something Swimkidz SA really grasps and understands in the development of their company. Adding their brand to all their elements is one thing, but doing it tastefully is another. We salute clients like this, taking all their marketing material very serious. And trusting us with their brand. From their logo, to flyers, to booklets, to flags, to caps to selfie posters, they never fail to do it in a professional manner!


Do you want your target audience to recognize your brand easily and enjoy interacting with it? If you do, then professionally designed elements will help you to boost that popularity and recognition. With a professional design company, you can be sure that they will incorporate all your components that harmonize into one popular and recognizable brand, including layout, font, colour choice and mixing, and consistency. All elements the audience subconsciously recognises and remembers!


High quality design provides a uniform look and feel across every customer facing aspect of your business.


Do you want your brand to be both consistent and memorable?


Swimkidz SA - Marketing material


selfie poster frame design


Swimkidz SA - Marketing material

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LK Jewellery - Ecommerce Website 


Ever tried to create your own website? Even with a free web design template it can be hard to develop a top notch website. That looks GREAT and works GREAT! With the advent of new technology as well as constant developments in web design, today’s websites are nothing like those from even 3 years ago. An online site will require certain plugins, codes, headers, design elements and good images. All this comes as second nature to a professional web designer and a web design company such as Bunnypants.


In order to deliver an effective website, Bunnypants Graphic and Web Design Studio, as a professional design company, has a talented team of web- and graphic designers, working together to create the perfect solution for you - all with knowledge of today’s digital market.


A huge amount of people now go ‘online’ to make purchases or look for companies in their area, a website is now considered an essential marketing tool for any business. Especially in selling your products online, and especially in our current COVID times.


This is something Leanne Kay from LK Jewellery really understands, and in the process of growing a successful business, she took the next step of going online. She started a small jewellery workshop after qualifying as a goldsmith in September 2008. Working from her parents' home was where Leanne gained a lot of experience and created a good client base. But she had bigger dreams and in February 2019 she became the proud owner of a jewellery shop situated in her home town, Vanderbijlpark. But now, she is thrilled to announce that you can shop online for her jewellery.


Leanne takes pride in her work and is extremely passionate about making each piece of jewellery to perfection. She especially loves making personalized jewellery, but can do just about anything, from kiddie drawing pendant to exquisite diamond engagement rings. She will go the extra mile to reach her clients' needs and gives as much advice based on her 16 years of experience in the jewellery industry.


Having an online shop was the perfect solution for her business continuity!

Reaching anyone, anytime and anywhere!


With a beautiful product range including bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces, South African jewellery and keepsake jewellery, you can now enjoy your shopping online! With gorgeous jewellery to spoil yourself or a loved one.


Do you need to take your products online?


Setting up your online store now will give you a competitive edge over those who have not yet embraced the world of ecommerce, in an age where customers are constantly looking for the quickest and easiest ways to purchase what they need while at the same time maintaining a busy lifestyle. It also means you have a huge market share, your shop is open all day long, it is more convenient for your potential clients and you have less overheads, just to name a view advantages.


Letting Bunnypants design and develop your ecommerce website, will include full ecommerce functions, fully responsiveness, moving product banners, enquiry form, google map, photo or video galleries, an interactive blog, static pages for more information and a working and beautiful online shop. Which includes features like product categories, product descriptions, electronic payments, sales reports, discount coupons and social media sharing options. View our prices here


Should reading this make you excited and ready to also take the next step in your business, then contact us today to start developing your ecommerce website. Bunnypants has a vibrant team of designers and we offer modern, user-friendly web solutions. So why not contact us for a no obligation quote for an ecommerce website today.


LK Jewellery - Ecommerce Website


LK Jewellery - Ecommerce Website

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 VDP Insurance Brokers | Versekeringsmakelaars - Brand Identity Design


Sure, it can be tempting to go the easy route and paste in a standard piece of clipart, or buy a generic R200 logo from a stock website. It looks “good enough”, right? But remember, everyone else has access to those same graphics, too. Having a distinct brand is what is going to raise your business above your competition and become part of the equity of your business.


Being a professional, independent and transparent company, VDP Brokers requested for the rebrand of their already successful and existing company. Starting from a new logo and then applying the brand to the rest of their corporate identity, being business cards, letterhead and email signatures. >


Being in the Short Term Insurance Industry, they have a lot of competition with regards to branding and making their mark. But, making sure they stay up to date with trends and branding, they are now ahead of these same competitors, as they understand the vital influence your brand has on your company and the success thereof.


A key part of establishing a solid online brand are professional graphics. From your logo to your website to your social media graphic elements, you need to convey professionalism and a brand-customised graphics presence. Bunnypants, being a professional design company, brings these, and many other things, to the table.


Some important questions to think about:

  • Does your business have a professionally designed logo?
  • Maybe you have logo, but only uses it occasionally
  • Or you’ve outgrown it
  • Your existing company materials are all over the map, meaning they don’t look like they all come from the same company
  • Maybe you have grown a lot since starting the company many moons ago
  • Or you are launching new products or services.
  • Or in the process of taking your brand online by creating a website


These are all different applications of a designer’s talents. A good designer can make a tremendous difference to your company’s image.


Spend the extra money on a professional graphic design company with the talent and experience to make your brand look great. And focus your time on what you’re good at.


Simply put: Why should you contact Bunnypants Graphic and Web Design Studio?

Because your business should have its own professional look and style, just as you do. After all you wouldn’t cut your hair yourself or let your kids select your clothing, would you?


 VDP Insurance Brokers | Versekeringsmakelaars - Brand Identity Design


 VDP Insurance Brokers | Versekeringsmakelaars - Brand Identity Design


 VDP Insurance Brokers | Versekeringsmakelaars - Brand Identity Design


 VDP Insurance Brokers | Versekeringsmakelaars - Brand Identity Design


VDP Insurance Brokers | Versekeringsmakelaars - Brand Identity Design

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