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No matter what kind of business you are in, you should be advertising in some way to reach out to prospective customers.
There are numerous advertising mediums to choose from, and each will yield different results. Often, you get a better result by using a combination of mediums. At Bunnypants, we believe that YOU as owner of your company, is the BEST advertiser for your brand. As you understand it best, you add the most value and if you didn’t believe in your product, you would not have started your business. 
Although not all business owners have the time to spend hours on creating advertising material, it still needs to get done. That is why we are here. To help you create and design the marketing material you need to market your own brand.
For Test Fixture Technologies, the need was firstly an online presence by designing and building a website. But then also, a digital flyer, to promote their online presence even further, adding value to their campaign. But also focusing on a specific product. This is one of the best tools used for commercial advertising and product promotions. Whether printed or digital format.
Because most flyers are used for promotion, the information contained in them is intended to bring some impact on consumer behaviour towards the product or service being promoted.
Flyers also will enable a company to explain into detail the benefits of its product. Which is exactly what Test Fixture Technologies has done, even breaking it down to different currencies.
One of the best parts about flyers is that they generally require very little information. They are straight to the point. Most designs feature large font, a limited amount of words, as well as a large amount of white space. Flyers are used to attract attention and to build interest, not clutter or bombard your potential client with information.
During flyer designing, we always take important details on the product, trying to be as brief as possible, but at the same time passing accurate information. They are also made simple so as to attract consumers’ attention and make them interested in the product or service being promoted.
Some companies shut down their advertising efforts completely – especially in a recession – or when they think they are “busy enough”. The simple truth is that when you stop advertising, for whichever reason, you will probably be okay for a while, but eventually you will see sales decline and then it might be too late.
Today, the advertising industry has become a huge industry because of the large number of products and services being offered. As a result, the competition has also increased, requiring every businessman to promote his products and services in the best possible manner.
For any advertising material needed, feel free to contact us for a quotation. We can help with brand development, logos, business cards, flyer, brochures, company profiles, catalogues, websites and social media advertisement designs and so much more. https://www.bunnypants.co.za/ or 073 843 2381

Let’s be clear – If you want to be successful, you need to advertise.


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Sometimes it can be difficult to voice your ideas in words, let alone images! At Bunnypants, we do our best to incorporate your thoughts in combination with our skills, in order to develop stronger visual concepts. It is important for us to not only help you realize your vision, but also to reinforce your core message and clearly communicate it to your target audience. To take your vision and bring it to life!!!
Just as we did with Sime Ophthalmology.
As they strive to keep up to date by using the latest equipment and advance technologies for better eye care, we wanted to give them a modern, yet functional and eye-catching (no pun intended) website!
Not only do they specialise in the treatment of eye disease through surgery and extensive eye care, but they also provide excellent service tailored to each of their patient’s needs. Sime Ophthalmology is situated in the Vaal Triangle, Mediclinic Vereeniging as well as Sebokeng, Clinix – Naledi Nkanyezi. For more information on their services, please feel free to visit their website at https://simeophth.co.za
With a beautiful 5 pager custom website, consisting of all the important information they would like to communicate, we successfully brought their brand into the eyesight of the online world.
Would you also like to make a better first impression with a professional brand and website, then contact us for more information on our services at 0738432381 or hello@bunnypants.co.za. You can also view our design and website prices here > https://www.bunnypants.co.za/packages/web-design-prices. We would love to help you!


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Being a Graphic and Web Design Studio, we receive a great variety of requests with regards to design and website projects! Which we of course LOVE! Because not one project is the same as the next. Graphic design is also known as communication design. Graphic and web designers are visual communicators, who create visual concepts. How privileged are we!?
By using a variety of media we communicate a particular idea or identity to be used in advertising and marketing. These media include fonts, shapes, colours, images, print design, photography, logos, and more.
It is all about visual storytelling. Letting the artwork connect with the audience! Which in this case, was High School Students- How fun!
Hoërskool Overvaal is a well-known, highly respected school in the Vaal Triangle, who enjoys the balance between fun, sports and learning. Creating a creative space for entertainment, sport events, school events and also daily use, this cafeteria space was the best idea ever! With beautiful interior design and delicious food, this is a win-win situation!
And for us, selecting typefaces, drooling over fonts and developing layouts for advertisements, is what makes us tick. So we absolutely loved designing this cafeteria logo, billboard and menus for these teenagers. The ability to design eye-catching visuals that are easily understood without a lot of thinking, was essential in this case (wink-wink).
Because the industry is constantly changing, we as designers must be adaptable and lifelong learners. We learn with each project presented to us, and we adapt to serve our market in ways that are effective, fun and successful.
Other items we design on a daily basis is, postcards and flyers, magazine and newspaper ads, posters, banners and billboards, infographics, brochures (print and digital), signage and trade show displays, email marketing templates, PowerPoint presentations, menus, social media ads, banners and graphics, banner and retargeting ads, images for websites and blogs and then off course websites, from beginning to end.

Without a doubt, we’ve got the best job in the world!
Contact us should you need any assistance with any of the above marketing items. We would love to help you! View our prices at > https://www.bunnypants.co.za/packages/graphic-design-prices and contact us today at hello@bunnypants.co.za


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Powerful website design doesn’t have to be flashy or even striking. Some of the most effective modern website designs actually make use of open space, fluidity, and simple organization.
Clean, nonintrusive page layouts, stylistic fonts, alignment choices and colours all work together to improve your user experience.
Unfortunately, not all websites are well designed like this, and it ends up cluttered, busy and lacking style.

But what makes bold and clean so special, you might ask?

The internet is a big place with more than 370 million indexed websites, which makes it easy for your site to blend in and get lost, unless you’ve purposefully designed it to stand out. This is why, at Bunnypants Graphic and Web Design Studio, we believe in custom designing, and NOT to make use of templates and easy-go-to solutions.
Bold, clean designs draw attention and make browsing easy for users.
As with this client. With a black and red theme, Triangle Bearings is cutting out the fluff with a clean design, bold greyscale pictures and complementing visual fonts, presenting you with a timeless design: clear copy and bold images of their products. You are greeted with brave design on the homepage and implores you to stay.
Red is a power colour, and Triangle Bearings boldly embraces it as their accent colour through repeated design elements featuring throughout their website. It’s an unexpected and refreshingly clean design for an industrial company, which makes it unique and very successful.
All of this will result in a clutter-free and aesthetically uncomplicated experience for their readers.
We are very proud of the end-result as well as our client, trusting us with their brand by making the bold statement of clean, simply and timeless design!
We would also love to help you develop a well-designed, thought though and beautiful website, to suite your brand and industry. Kindly request a quote at hello@bunnypants.co.za or 073 843 2381 and see how we can help you.


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