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Being a Graphic and Web Design Studio, we receive a great variety of requests with regards to design and website projects! Which we of course LOVE! Because not one project is the same as the next. Graphic design is also known as communication design. Graphic and web designers are visual communicators, who create visual concepts. How privileged are we!?
By using a variety of media we communicate a particular idea or identity to be used in advertising and marketing. These media include fonts, shapes, colours, images, print design, photography, logos, and more.
It is all about visual storytelling. Letting the artwork connect with the audience! Which in this case, was High School Students- How fun!
Hoërskool Overvaal is a well-known, highly respected school in the Vaal Triangle, who enjoys the balance between fun, sports and learning. Creating a creative space for entertainment, sport events, school events and also daily use, this cafeteria space was the best idea ever! With beautiful interior design and delicious food, this is a win-win situation!
And for us, selecting typefaces, drooling over fonts and developing layouts for advertisements, is what makes us tick. So we absolutely loved designing this cafeteria logo, billboard and menus for these teenagers. The ability to design eye-catching visuals that are easily understood without a lot of thinking, was essential in this case (wink-wink).
Because the industry is constantly changing, we as designers must be adaptable and lifelong learners. We learn with each project presented to us, and we adapt to serve our market in ways that are effective, fun and successful.
Other items we design on a daily basis is, postcards and flyers, magazine and newspaper ads, posters, banners and billboards, infographics, brochures (print and digital), signage and trade show displays, email marketing templates, PowerPoint presentations, menus, social media ads, banners and graphics, banner and retargeting ads, images for websites and blogs and then off course websites, from beginning to end.

Without a doubt, we’ve got the best job in the world!
Contact us should you need any assistance with any of the above marketing items. We would love to help you! View our prices at > https://www.bunnypants.co.za/packages/graphic-design-prices and contact us today at hello@bunnypants.co.za


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Powerful website design doesn’t have to be flashy or even striking. Some of the most effective modern website designs actually make use of open space, fluidity, and simple organization.
Clean, nonintrusive page layouts, stylistic fonts, alignment choices and colours all work together to improve your user experience.
Unfortunately, not all websites are well designed like this, and it ends up cluttered, busy and lacking style.

But what makes bold and clean so special, you might ask?

The internet is a big place with more than 370 million indexed websites, which makes it easy for your site to blend in and get lost, unless you’ve purposefully designed it to stand out. This is why, at Bunnypants Graphic and Web Design Studio, we believe in custom designing, and NOT to make use of templates and easy-go-to solutions.
Bold, clean designs draw attention and make browsing easy for users.
As with this client. With a black and red theme, Triangle Bearings is cutting out the fluff with a clean design, bold greyscale pictures and complementing visual fonts, presenting you with a timeless design: clear copy and bold images of their products. You are greeted with brave design on the homepage and implores you to stay.
Red is a power colour, and Triangle Bearings boldly embraces it as their accent colour through repeated design elements featuring throughout their website. It’s an unexpected and refreshingly clean design for an industrial company, which makes it unique and very successful.
All of this will result in a clutter-free and aesthetically uncomplicated experience for their readers.
We are very proud of the end-result as well as our client, trusting us with their brand by making the bold statement of clean, simply and timeless design!
We would also love to help you develop a well-designed, thought though and beautiful website, to suite your brand and industry. Kindly request a quote at hello@bunnypants.co.za or 073 843 2381 and see how we can help you.


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We LOVE designing!
And we LOVE designing for God’s Kingdom!
This wonderful and inspiring project was done with a big heart and with the motive to branch out to a personal blog, to inspire women of all ages and seasons to discover and celebrate their lives, unique gifts and to willingly place their treasure (and trash) into God's hands.
The aim of this logo (and blog to follow) is to reach hundreds and thousands of other ordinary housewives who live their own courageous and unique stories.
With the background of a very inspiring woman, maybe with a slightly crazier story than a few of them? Suria Scholtz, married to one man, a mother of 16 kids (2 biological, 9 adopted, 6 in foster care), a Missionary who lived in India and Africa, where she home-schooled at times, developed a Discipleship curriculum, developed a Teacher Training College, worked with Human Trafficking - raising funds and awareness in 2010 under the Freedom Climb (now Freedom Challenge) where they climbed significant mountains, developed a Bible Study book and prayer booklets, always collecting God-stories on her journey. With her personal struggle in this VIVID life - to find the balance between Martha and Mary and learning to breathe, she is inspiring others to breathe too! With all of this said, A VIVID LIFE was the perfect name for her personal brand!
We developed a logo that will inspire in simplicity and communicate the heart of her blog visually and accurately, for as we all know - a picture speaks a thousand words. Adding the tagline, Planted, not Packaged! Wow! How inspiring! And what a privilege to have been part of this great adventure and brand development!
Because of our client’s passion for flowers, we just HAD to include this imagery to her brand. Simply styled lilies, clean lines with soft complimenting colours, and a stylish script font, light and legible with flair. A beautiful logo, with complimenting stationery, including beautiful photography to capture the essence of what this logo should FEEL like!
Are you in need of a personal brand! One that captures the essence of YOU? Then do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. We would love to help you flourish!
View our prices at > https://www.bunnypants.co.za/packages/graphic-design-prices and contact us today at hello@bunnypants.co.za


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Designing a website for this very traditional printing technique presses that dates back to the 15th century was such a pleasure. Because as we all know, everything is going digital these days. And we need to be reminded of the beauty of printmaking.
The art of engraving and etching originated with goldsmiths and armour makers—men who were thoroughly professional craftsmen, practicing an art that had a long, respected tradition. Since the armour makers and goldsmiths were designers themselves, the whole process was controlled by the creative artist.
But what is printmaking then?


catalog to basket web design

Printmaking is the process of creating artworks by printing. Printmaking is believed to have originated as early as the 1st century China’s Han Dynasty, and since its start, the medium’s ability to reproduce images and create unique visual qualities has influenced everyone from book publishers to graphic designers. Artists in particular have driven the medium forward by experimenting with its various processes, in which ink is moved from one surface to another.
With the rich history of printmaking, it was an honour to build a website who specializes in the selling of these presses, whose aim is to manufacture and supply quality affordable Etching Presses to the professional as well as the hobby printmaker.
RL Vorster started manufacturing Etching and Litho Presses in 1986 and is well known amongst the printmaking community in South Africa.
With the modern Catalog to Basket website, you can browse their products, add it to a basket and request a quotation. Because this is not and everyday product, shipping and procedures thereof can differ, which made this the perfect solution for them to bring their products online!
How is this for merging the old and the new!?


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Like RL Vorster, some businesses have products that they can’t sell online because they have an undetermined price. Or they prefer to take orders by phone or personal communication due to the nature or complexity of their product. This makes it impossible for them to use a shopping cart plugin, but they still want to have a website, so they can showcase those products and attract potential customers.
Does this sound like you?


ecommerce web design

Normally, people associate eCommerce platforms with online shopping. However, you can still use them as the platform to display your products without using a shopping cart feature. It will still show all the product information, images, descriptions and gallery, but without an add-to-cart button and rather an add-to-quote button.
Do you want to have an online product catalog without adding a full-blown shopping cart? Then this is the perfect solution for you too!
Contact us today to find out how we can help you bring your products online and enlarge your selling territory!


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