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Good design is good business. It can make or break your business. And successful business owners know this well.

So, investing in design is a bit like investing in future profits, it may cost a bit now, but a little down the track, you’ll be glad you did so.

Didi Décor and Hire definitely made the right choice of investing in their brand, thus investing in their future. Being more visible, consistent and visibly showing who they are and what services they offer. By developing their brand and complimenting ci elements, they now follow the rules of consistency in their branding, which will be much more profitable further down the line.  For people to recognise them and at the end make use of their services, trusting their brand.

If your designs are current, modern and impressive, people will just gravitate towards your products. But the opposite is also true. When a brand is inconsistent, it seems chaotic and disorganized. People don’t want to get involved with chaotic brands because they trust the company less.

Think of your business’ design as a handshake, the greeting between two people when they first meet. Do they smile or frown, do they say ‘hi’, ‘hello’ or ‘good day’, is the handshake firm and business-like, or warm and friendly? We can make snap decisions and impressions about people in this one fast moment. This is exactly what design tries to do too, all within the space of 50 milliseconds: it tries to communicate who you are and what you do in less than a second.

Human beings have an attractiveness bias; we perceive beautiful things as being better, regardless of whether they actually are better.

If you’ve been second-guessing the value of design for your business – don’t. Good design gives you a competitive edge, drives powerful marketing results and allows you to stand out.

Design is a good business decision.

Contact Bunnypants today to start your investment.

At 073 843 2381 or visit our portfolio of over 16 years of experience https://www.bunnypants.co.za/graphic-web-design-portfolio 

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For many small businesses just starting out, it is common to cut some corners on graphic design by using a cheap online service. In the long-run, many find out this is a mistake. A professionally designed identity is designed for what you represent and how you want to be perceived. When you go cheap on your company branding and marketing, it can affect how your business is viewed in the market.
A skilled graphic designer will translate your company’s message, services and product information using eye-catching visuals. At Bunnypants, we strategically use a combination of technology, art, text, and images to convey messages that attract consumer attention. Designers are generally pretty creative folks, and we like to help our clients get the most out of every project. Remember, hiring a designer is likely to mean that you’ll end up with a better finished product than you could have put together, even if you’re skilled at making things look good. His or her ideas may lead to a more eye-catching, more appealing and more polished piece than you would have created.
With that in mind, JPB Electrical requested for Bunnypants to not only design their website, but also extend their brand into a professionally designed company profile. Presenting their specialised services and areas of expertise in a well formulated and creative brochure format. Which they can print or email to potential or existing clients.
JPB Electrical was established in 1996 as an electrical company and has continued to grow in both staff and clients. They have been providing a wide variety of electrical services and products for over 23 years. Their reputation as electrical contractors has been built on good customer relations and they are delighted to be in the position to supply their services to the commercial, industrial and residential industry.
With this well achieved reputation, they needed well designed marketing material to extend their credibility to customers not familiar with their brand.
Keeping your brand and marketing consistant, is essential for recognition and sustainability!
If you use different logos, different fonts and different messages everywhere, it’s going to be hard to look professional – never mind standing out in a potential customer’s mind. We as designers know how to watch those little details and ensure that every piece of marketing communications fits with everything else. Sure, your customers may not notice if you used “Times New Roman” in one ad and “Calibri” in another, but the subconscious mind picks up details and uses them to form an overall opinion of your business. You look and seem more put together if everything does, in fact, fit together.
Get your marketing material in order, and contact us today!
Or kindly request a quote at hello@bunnypants.co.za or 073 843 2381 and see how we can help you.


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Everybody in the modern world expects that a credible business should have some online presence, and a website is a great way to achieve such presence. Traditionally, no customer would trust any business or individual that did not have a physical address or even a telephone, and the same applies to the modern world. If your business does not have a professionally designed website, no one will trust your products and services. A website is now considered an essential marketing tool for any business
With the advent of new technology as well as constant developments in web design, today’s websites are nothing like those from even 3 years ago. It’s easy to tell a professional web design from an amateur template. If you want your business to scream quality, then it all starts with your website.
That is why U&S Group contacted Bunnypants, to design them a corporate, professional and good looking website!
U&S Power Electronics is your one stop for electrical, electronic, components and services. They strive to create high quality, cost effective solutions for our customers no matter what equipment they are currently using U&S Power Electronics is undoubtedly the most renowned and reputable Variable Speed Drives Company in the Vaal Triangle. Big or small, they do it all!
Though the Web has been around for some time, it’s true that you didn’t always need a website to find your audience. It was a lot easier to market via direct mailings, Yellow page ads and local word-of-mouth. However, today your website and your social presence are the factors that customers are looking for when they research a small business. They want to know that you’re stable enough to have a dedicated Web presence. That you’ll be around tomorrow should something go wrong.
By creating a website, you set up shop on the Internet and show customers that this is where they can come to find information about you, to read articles that you’ve written and to learn more about your company. All of these things build authority. Without a website, you’re at a huge disadvantage as a business owner trying to speak to your customers.

Why not contact us today to help you create your own online presence, at 073 843 2381 or hello@bunnypants.co.za


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These days’ customers are appreciating the convenience of online shopping more and more. It is without a doubt, much cheaper and easier to sell your products and services on an eCommerce platform, than having to take into consideration the high expenses of shop rental, security measures, utility bills and a large team of staff. This in turn will enable you to sell your products at competitive prices.
And this is the exact reason why the Beautiful Beloved team can sell beauuuutiful jewellery at very affordable prices!
Being 3 ladies that are in love with Jesus, this brand is all about that! Loving Jesus and loving women! By selling products with prophetic meaning, to enable the bride of Christ to encounter God in a much more personal way.
Sometimes we make life too complicated. We can make our faith too complicated. You are called to ‘simplicity that is in Christ’. Simplicity does not mean being simplistic. It means having a ‘wholehearted and sincere and pure devotion to Christ’.
What a wonderful privilege it was for us to work on this project with these dear friends and their beautiful hearts.
With that being said, with the advancement in technology, it is no doubt that every business owner should be taking the online route. As such, to succeed in any business, it is becoming quite important to have an online presence – and a quality, professional website is just the right way to go.
With most transactions now happening directly online, your website needs to be of high quality. As the doorstep to your business online, your website must create a good first impression.
Setting up your online store now will give you a competitive edge over those who have not yet embraced the world of eCommerce, in an age where customers are constantly looking for the quickest and easiest ways to purchase what they need while at the same time maintaining a busy lifestyle.
We offer modern, affordable and user-friendly web solutions. Whether it’s a booking system, a quoting system, an online shop or just a normal professional looking website, our team at Bunnypants is ready to assist you! Making your dream an online reality!
So why not contact us for a no obligation quote today!
At 073 843 2381 or hello@bunnypants.co.za, or visit our portfolio of over 16 years of experience https://www.bunnypants.co.za/graphic-web-design-portfolio



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