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Today, owning a business means understanding the world of online marketing. Whether you are running a business or preparing a start-up, it’s highly recommended that you invest in the digital market by having a well-established and visible brand, as well as an ongoing online presence.
The identity of any brand is a crucial aspect, especially in the increasing competition. With a high-quality design, you can command some level of consistency and power among your customers and website visitors.
By firstly developing the Kuvula Logistics brand, we established a high end yet creative brand, which we continued throughout the styling and development of their website! This is of great benefit to our client, as their customers will now recognise and distinguish their brand much easier. Whether on print media, digital media or social media platforms. The continuity of their brand will establish credibility, which at the long end, brings in clients.
There are many factors involved in creating an effective logistics company, which includes automation, delivery time, and coordination. But Kuvula Logistics also understood the value of having a professional brand for all of the above to fall in place. Of being recognised as trustworthy rather than a fly-by-night (pun intended).
With our 5 pager custom pack, we were able to include all the necessary information and website pages to their website, presenting them in as a well organised company, just as they are!
Recent studies show just how important first impressions are when it comes to business websites. According to a report by one of the country’s leading SEO companies; it takes a mere 50 milliseconds for a web visitor to form an opinion about your site.
Even more the reason you need to make use of a professional graphic and website development company like Bunnypants, to develop your brand and also your online presence. As a logo itself is not enough, people need to see your brand in order to believe in your brand.
In addition to delivering high-quality work, professional web design companies like ours also have the edge over non-professionals. We can customize your website thanks to our creativity and the skills we’ve developed throughout our academic and professional experience of more than 16 years of running a successful business.

Contact us today to help develop your brand! Or visit our website to find the perfect match for your budget!


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website design company


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crossfit gobi custom web development


Question: “Can I design and build my own website?”
Answer: “Sure you can, BUT do you really want to!?”
Without a doubt, anyone can try and even succeed. There are a lot of free options all over the internet. But do you have the time, the knowledge, the know-how’s and the skills to reeeeally make a success of your time and effort?

Building on free platforms like Wix, can be a quick and short time solution for your business. But should you, for some reason decide to leave them, you CANNOT take your website with you. The domain yes but the website NO. You will have to start all over again. This means that you will lose your search engine ranking (if you've managed to make it anywhere on Google), you will have wasted many hours of hard work.

Secondly, as mentioned above, your website will not index with Google as its own identity, but as a sub website built on these existing platforms, enhancing their searches, not your own. And with this said, it is NOT easy to find a professional developer who will help you to SEO your "FREEBIE" website. You will have to figure that out by yourself or pay dearly for experienced help.

And lastly (for now) you cannot simply create a website and leave it, hoping for the best. It simply does not work like that. Your website must be constantly monitored for broken links, and content should be revised regularly in order to ensure that your website remains fresh, current and interesting.

A friendly tip - always remember to update and re-evaluate your website every 2 years or so. Otherwise it WILL get vulnerable and open for cyber-attacks due to outdate software. Remember, if you are not paying someone to help you with this, it is YOUR responsibility. It is like driving a brand new car, never taking it to be serviced, and expecting it to run perfectly after 2 years. It unfortunately will end up disastrous.

Crossfit Gobi really grasped this concept, and trusted us to build them a creative, interactive and modern website, while they could focus on helping their clients becoming more healthy and fit. With their motto, “Friends are for working out together” they really cater for all shapes, sizes and age groups. Like they themselves say, “Fitness Coaching for Teenagers to Grandmas and Everyone in Between”. There is a common misconception that CrossFit is for elite athletes. The truth is that it is for everyone. You can start the journey where you are today. Contact them today to start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle! or follow them on Instagram at @crossfitgobi

With this said, please remember designing and maintaining a website is time consuming and difficult. Managing the design, optimizing for Google, ensuring that your websites looks good on all mobile devices and handling updates on time can easily become a full time job.
With web design, it can be very easy to get in over your head if you don’t have the necessary skills. Trusting the services of web design experts to create a professional and functional website will save you time that you can use to run your company.

Contact us today, to help you build your website while you build your business!


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fp capital logo design


Give your company’s image the ‘Professional Status’.
A professional brand allows you to achieve greater success, exposure and recognition. It is a way to distinguishing yourself from other professionals in the business community.
With our recent client, FP Capital, we had the privilege of developing a brand for their company steering in a new direction. Offering financial services to the estate industry, they were looking for a clean cut, well presented, professional logo, portraying the feeling of wealth and establishment, which is of key values to them.
By using clean lines, basic and high end colours, we created the perfect look and feel for their brand. We love the outcome, and even more so when experiencing how much they love it themselves. From their brand new logo, applied to their new business cards, letterhead and email signatures, this brand speaks of professionalism and success.
Build a brand that you can be proud of, that inspires you, and defines who you truly are.
We are here to help you with the process.

Visit our website to view more of our proudly presented work
Or view our pricing packages for your brand new Corporate Identity


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brand development services


Logos are more complex and meaningful than you may realize.
A logo is your identity - signifying your business. And although there is a lot of contradicting opinions on how many different styles of logos you get, just know there are a lot of different types and style directions that you can use for your brand, but you should find the style that works for YOU. Reflecting YOUR personality.
When it comes to deciding a logo for your brand, imagination is the limit.
But one of 2020’s most important trends, is SIMPLIFICATION. Which is actually a trend that repeats itself every year. Removing extra details and creating minimal, easy to recognize logos can strengthen branding. Communicating something while using less to do so will always be more powerful.
Like what we did with creating the Treatsie logo, using only black and white as colours, an easy to read font (but still different to your normal fonts), and a creative shape as a combination, this logo can be used very big or very small, and still be recognisable. It is also very versatile, as it can be used as stickers, packaging or even vehicle branding, and create the same feeling as seeing it on a website or digital application.
This type of logo is also known as a Combination Logo or Combination Mark. Perhaps the most commonly used logo is the combination logo. The name actually speaks for itself, but combination logos incorporate – combineboth images and words into their design.
Typography (letters) and imagery (pictorial element) being used together to create one logo. These components can be side by side, stacked on top of one another or even mixed together. You can pair a letterform with a mascot, a monogram with an abstract image or a word and a shape – whichever combination speaks to you the most.

With this said, choose your logo style wisely! But also enjoy the process. And trust the professionals.
We are glad to offer professional design & brand development services, to help you succeed!
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