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Designing a website for this very traditional printing technique presses that dates back to the 15th century was such a pleasure. Because as we all know, everything is going digital these days. And we need to be reminded of the beauty of printmaking.
The art of engraving and etching originated with goldsmiths and armour makers—men who were thoroughly professional craftsmen, practicing an art that had a long, respected tradition. Since the armour makers and goldsmiths were designers themselves, the whole process was controlled by the creative artist.
But what is printmaking then?


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Printmaking is the process of creating artworks by printing. Printmaking is believed to have originated as early as the 1st century China’s Han Dynasty, and since its start, the medium’s ability to reproduce images and create unique visual qualities has influenced everyone from book publishers to graphic designers. Artists in particular have driven the medium forward by experimenting with its various processes, in which ink is moved from one surface to another.
With the rich history of printmaking, it was an honour to build a website who specializes in the selling of these presses, whose aim is to manufacture and supply quality affordable Etching Presses to the professional as well as the hobby printmaker.
RL Vorster started manufacturing Etching and Litho Presses in 1986 and is well known amongst the printmaking community in South Africa.
With the modern Catalog to Basket website, you can browse their products, add it to a basket and request a quotation. Because this is not and everyday product, shipping and procedures thereof can differ, which made this the perfect solution for them to bring their products online!
How is this for merging the old and the new!?


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Like RL Vorster, some businesses have products that they can’t sell online because they have an undetermined price. Or they prefer to take orders by phone or personal communication due to the nature or complexity of their product. This makes it impossible for them to use a shopping cart plugin, but they still want to have a website, so they can showcase those products and attract potential customers.
Does this sound like you?


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Normally, people associate eCommerce platforms with online shopping. However, you can still use them as the platform to display your products without using a shopping cart feature. It will still show all the product information, images, descriptions and gallery, but without an add-to-cart button and rather an add-to-quote button.
Do you want to have an online product catalog without adding a full-blown shopping cart? Then this is the perfect solution for you too!
Contact us today to find out how we can help you bring your products online and enlarge your selling territory!


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There are many reasons why homeowners and business owners in South Africa go solar, but improving the environment and cutting energy costs are the most common.
With that said, load shedding has cost billions of losses for the business sector and the South African homeowners are well aware of the inconvenience it has caused over the last 10 years.
With all the reasons why solar energy is good for the environment, this was such a great project to work on! With the friendly communication received from our client, this was really smooth sailing all the way.

First with designing a new logo for KM Solar Solutions, and then by extending their brand to a resourceful website, filled with relevant info, pricing and strategies to help the regular person understand the benefits of going solar.
Their beautiful website consists of 6 informative pages, combined with imagery and design elements to complement their brand and brand colours. With creative movement and interaction, this website is really a product to be proud off.
KM Solar Solutions recognized the advantage of having a professionally designed corporate image and website when presenting their company to potential clients, whether online or offline.

Whether your motivations for going solar are economic, environmental, or personal, we can assure you that their website has something for everyone. Visit their specials page to see how they can assist you by starting your solar journey

And like KM Solar Solutions, make your brand a priority.
If you are an existing business and have neglected your business image in the past, it is never too late to start.
Contact us today to help you create the perfect website to present your brand online. or 073 843 2381
View some of our hundreds of successful brands and websites in our portfolio >


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klankland shop website design


When we’re young, education may not seem like such a wonderful thing. There will be days when school is the last thing we want to do, especially when the weather is good and the idea of heading to the beach or playing in the yard enters our heads.
But what if it looks like this?!!
Klankland is a beautiful Afrikaans brand, with innovative syllable and letter designs, maps and interactive educational content! Even music! Wow! How amazing is this! It is a story based, child friendly, phonetical reading and learning program. Now parents can help their children learn, in a fun and interactive manner, which will educate them while they play!
Building this website was such a privilege. Sharing in our clients’ huge dream, of hours and hours of dreaming and hours of hours of hard work! With an online shop, their products are now easily accessible for any and everybody!
Shoppers don’t just research products online. They also complete purchases online too. Ecommerce makes it even easier for shoppers to hit that buy button, no matter where they are. It makes it convenient for buyers to do research on the products their interested in, and purchase the products they really want. Like this amazing Klankland product! Who would not want to learn like this? Visit their website to learn more about this wonderful educational tool at


klankland ecommerce web design


Are you in need of an online shop?
Meet customers where they want to buy and contact us today to help you create the perfect online store for your product! or 073 843 2381


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Most consumers of today like to be informed on who they are doing business with. It won’t be difficult for them to note the difference between a poorly designed website and professionally prepared one.
As our client, Turris Legal, is presenting a professional service, they also requested a professional looking website, explaining their unique services in a well presented manner.

They are a company that specialises in self-defence law and operates as an affiliation company of De Beers Attorneys Inc. Turris specializes in the providing of sound legal advice pertaining to self-defence law by providing its members with important training and information, including 24/7 access to legal assistance.
For the above, they needed a costumed designed website, to suit the look and feel they were looking to present, and explaining their services in any easy to read, neat layout.

Customization or custom design is a term used to differentiate professional websites from sites built using pre-designed templates. Which is exactly what Bunnypants specializes in, custom designed websites.

Opposite from this, with templates, you choose a pre-designed skeleton of a website from a list, fill in the content, add a couple of features, and you’re ready to go. This is what free website builders offer to set up a quick and easy page. This may be cheaper and appear more convenient, but pre-designed templates could make it difficult to create a truly unique website that can stand out from the rest.

If you have only one chance to present your company online, wouldn’t you also choose rather to stand out, than to disappear along the rest? A quality web design company like ourselves, can help customize your website, presenting your brand in the best possible way. View some of our hundreds of successfully built websites in our portfolio >

Contact us today to help you create the perfect website to present your brand online. or 073 843 2381


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