traditional wedding invitation website design

A wedding invitation is an essential element in wedding preparation. How can you properly invite guests without using it? Nowadays, since technology involves so many things in our lives, you may find that the invitation card is no longer just printed, but also created digitally. Have you received a digital wedding invitation? 

wedding invitation website 1

Since the digital invitation is be sent via email, WhatsApp or social media, you don’t need to print it. This means that the digital invitation does not require paper in its manufacturing process.  You don’t need to pay for materials, printing services, or delivery costs. Thus, saving some expenses very much needed elsewhere.traditional african wedding invitation website

With your digital wedding invitation, every element of the design can be used to show off your personality, from font style to patterns, prints, borders, and many more. From elegant calligraphy and modern typeface fonts, geometric prints, and floral patterns. Whatever your wedding style may be, we would like to meet your need. Whether your event is formal, casual, classic, or something a little unusual.

wedding invitation website design

For Banele and Sabelo, it was a beautiful traditional wedding invitation. Which we off course welcomed with open arms. The colours, the patterns, the vibrancy and with the added bonus of their gorgeous traditional pre-wedding photos, it was the perfect traditional wedding website. We absolutely love the end result!

Make wedding planning simple with a beautiful online wedding invitation.  Contact us today!

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