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Okay, here’s the short version answering why a company needs a brand:

  • • Claim your space.
  • • Stand out in the crowd.
  • • Introduce the singular brand promise.

If you do not define your brand, then the world will set one up for you that you have no control over, letting customers define you will limit you to their perceptions. Every company (no matter the stage of development) needs identification to help them stand out in this noisy business world that we’re all operating in these days.

But first things first: a brand is not just a logo. Let’s get that out of the way.

branding design south africa prices

Any company can hop on the internet and pay someone R100 to draw them a logo. That is not a brand. A brand is expressed through specific components:


Characteristics or descriptors used to embody the brand, product, or service.


Style of written communication reflective of the brand personality.


Visual elements (colours, imagery) reflective of the brand personality.

Decisions around the name, logo, and tagline should stem from these key elements. Together, they should all be reinforcing, creating a singular, unified brand experience.

This beautiful brand was developed by the Bunnypants design team. And we are in love with the end result. But we must say, a beautiful product, makes a beautiful brand. And in this case, Corné De Jager from Pixel Reflections takes the most amazing and beautiful pictures. Visit their website and be amazed!

We can help you create a beautiful brand.

Browse our work and let us know how we can help you!

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