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Bunnypants had the privilege to design the whole spectrum of Corporate Stationery for Tidy Pro, a professional cleaning and space organising business for residential and commercial spaces. From top to bottom, beginning to end. Starting with the designing of a brand new Logo, incorporating it to the rest of the Corporate Identity, which includes a Business card, Letterhead and Email Signature. Then applying this look and feel to a Company Profile and Digital Flyer, implementing it onto an Invoice Design and finishing it off with a professional Website Design. Phew! Covering all the areas, they are now recognisable and set apart from the rest of South African cleaning and space organising companies. Because they understood the importance of branding their company!
Because the core of their business is established, they can now focus on customer needs, expectations, understandings, improving their service and offerings and specialise in tailoring their services to both small and large clients.
Tidy Pro has the ability to consistently meet and exceed customer needs and expectations, as their service offerings are tailored relatively suit clients of all budgets. Visit their website at https://tidypro.co.za/
In the difficult times we find ourselves in, it is even more important to understand the necessity of branding and business visibility! Things are changing, and they are changing fast! But one thing will remain, and this is for your business to stand out you need a professionally developed brand for one, and secondly, you need to be found on the internet. Everything is changing to digital and online! Is your business online? Do you have a website? Do you have a unique and recognizable brand?
Contact us today to upgrade your brand or to get your business on track and visible in the online marketplace! You cannot afford to be left behind!


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