Covid19 Sanitizing - Website Design

 Covid19 Sanitizing - Website Design


Building a brand and website can sometimes be overwhelming for our clients. Building a brand and website in confusing times such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, even MORE so!
That is why Bunnypants is here to help!


The goal is to help you create a website that promotes your brand, communicates your values, meets your business conversion goals and delivers a good return on investment. But how do you do that, if you don’t know where to start.

The first step will be to tell us what you need!
This is exactly what Covid19 Sanitizing as an initiative of Makhaya Corrosion Control did.
They called in for our help!


With their already planned out initiative, more than 30 years of experience, professional and correct equipment ready to do the job, typed out strategy and the willingness to implement their skills, they needed our skills, to put all of this together on a website that is both informative and attractive, inviting clients in and even more so, to trust their brand.
So this is what we did! And they loved it!


A website consisting of various types of media, making the user experience even more memorable.
Combining video, related info, detailed communication about their product and images to prove their credibility, resulted in a beautiful 5 pager website including an added live chat system and newsletter system and an accompanying newsletter design to kick-start their marketing.


Situated in the Vaal Triangle, but capable to do business anywhere, they are your perfect solution for any form of Industrial Sanitizing and Deep Cleaning.

Areas that should be sanitized: 1. Taxi Ranks, Places of Shelter or Community Centres 2. Community Market Centres 3. Government Buildings i.e.. Home Affairs, SAPS, Prisons, Traffic Departments 4. Hospitals and Clinics 5. Schools, Churches and other social gathering areas. 6. Vehicles i.e. Taxis, Police Vehicles, Ambulances, Trains, Busses and other forms of public transport 7. Open Parking Areas and Surroundings 8. Shopping Centres, Businesses, Canteens 9. Sanitary Facilities 10. Staircases
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Covid19 Sanitizing - Website Design


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So back to the perfect solution for your brand.

Your intentions are great, but let's be honest... you have a full-time job already, and while you sort-of know what you want your website to look like, you may not have time to pull it off. It's easy to get stuck at that stage! If that sounds familiar, let us do the work for you so that you can focus on what you love!


Let us help you find a creative way of displaying your products and services, promoting your brand and creating awareness to suit your individual needs.


Covid19 Sanitizing - Website Design

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