Blockhouse One Stop - Poster Design

Blockhouse One Stop - Poster Design 


How to take your brand and the presence it creates further than just step one… that is the question of the day!

What is the next step? What should you do to create brand awareness and direct attention to your business?


The Blockhouse had just that dilemma and to top it off, they had a very cool initiative they needed to advertise. That’s where our creative design team came in during the design of their marketing posters. This series of posters all needed to have the same feeling but each with their own unique layout.


Okay so you have a brand, you went through the process and you chose the look that best captures your brand and its personality, but what do you do now? So many questions, urgh! Well the key is asking the right questions that will help get you to the right answers.


Marketing can be approached from so many sides and the key is to find the kind of marketing that suits your business but also your target market and the kind of clientele who buys into your business.


Remember a business is still perceived as a person with a personality. People tie certain character traits to a business and judge a business by these traits as they interact with it. A big part of that is consistent branding that can immediately be identified with your business.


Looking at the striking design Blockhouse chose, it is clear that they put careful thought into the message and feeling they wanted the modern but grungy design to convey.


Have you put some thought into your advertising? Bunnypants; taking your brand further.


Blockhouse One Stop - Poster Design


Blockhouse One Stop - Poster Design

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