Chisora Attorneys - Web Design

 Chisora Attorneys - Web Design


Don't settle for second best if you can have quality branding designed by industry leaders, who create your website according to your specifications.


As an established design company based in the Vaal Triangle, we have learned how to engage with our clients and assisting them in figuring out exactly what their design needs are. This allows us to put our 16 years' graphic design and website development experience to good use.


For Chisora Attorneys, we based the look of their website on their corporate identity that was already in place. The look needed to be professional, but also needed to appeal to their clients, making it easy to navigate their way to the information they needed.


We combined the CI elements with striking lifestyle images to create the type of feeling the client was looking for. Brand consistency is very important to us, that is why we take special care in bringing brand and website together, while not compromising the user experience on the website.


With the design and functionality of the Chisora Attorneys complete, the website just needed to be signed off by the client. This CMS website will be easy to use and manage in the future, putting the power back into the client’s hands.


Our well established infrastructure at Bunnypants allows us to easily communicate with clients all over South Africa and abroad. It doesn't matter if you are situated in Cape Town or Chicago, George or even down under we can easily assist in your custom website needs.


 Chisora Attorneys - Web Design


 Chisora Attorneys - Web Design

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