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Balosatlou - Corporate Identity Design


 Peace of mind is having a design company who understands your brand and can easily cater for your needs.


When designing any brand, we keep the future of the brand in mind and what the client would like to accomplish with it. Our custom designs in combination with this unique way of thinking, brings our designs to a new standard and sets us apart from our competition.


Today, we’re having a look at Balosatlou Civil Construction and the Corporate Identity (CI) we designed for them. Their project started with the logo and then we pulled the look through to the rest of the CI.


The key to these kinds of designs is balance and focus. By knowing what you need to focus on it is much easier to keep the balance between design and information.


Having longstanding relationships with our clients is definitely a priority to us. We pride ourselves in building strong bonds with our clients, offering them graphic design- and web design solutions (even after their initial projects are complete).


It brings us such joy to see their brand develop with every element that is added and to be part of it is all the reward we can ask for.


Balosatlou - Corporate Identity Design


Balosatlou - Corporate Identity Design

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