Delta Metallurgical Services - Company Profile

Delta Metallurgical Services - Company Profile Design


It is clear that technology is growing and that everything we do is impacted by it, but some key elements of business will always stay important. I’m referring in particular to a company profile. This is something that people may convince you is no longer necessary, but we can see that for some companies, this is actually an essential aspect of their business.


A company profile gives more information about your company and in many cases more detailed information than you have on your website, shoudl you also have a website. With technology at our fingertips, it is also much easier to get it to the right people, whether by email or Dropbox or even as a downloadable version on your website.


We recently designed the company profile for Delta Metallurgical Services, based on their own companies branding and colours. The profile accents the information they needed in the profile, while using the design elements of their brand very smartly. The look is distinctive to their brand and helps develop their brand’s look even further.


The balance of design and information is something that comes with both talent and experience. It’s very important for our team of designers that the client likes the look of their profile, but also that it will be practical for them.


What branding needs do you have for your company profile?


Delta Metallurgical Services - Company Profile Design

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