Exceed Gears is a driven team of individuals, who have a vision of success for their business. Part of that vision was to take their business further in order to promote it even better. They asked the Bunnypants team to help them with a brand new website to complement their already established branding.


With a design team who specialises in both graphic design and web development, we were very excited to take on this project. We needed to emphasize some of the key services like gear cutting, industrial gears & gearboxes etc. offered by Exceed Gears, while keeping their brand in mind. We had to design the website in such a way to show that they make use of modern technology and that they are set apart from the competition because they focus on service and quality.


The website is built in the latest CMS technology and offers the client the freedom to manage it themselves in the future. This can easily be accomplished by using the training Bunnypants provides. The general look and feel of the website is simple and clean cut, but also has an industrial feeling to it. While building the website, we kept SEO in mind so none of the aesthetics was compromised by adding SEO. The benefit of having a specialised team who keeps SEO in mind is that it can be designed and built into the website from step one.


Choosing the right design team to provide you with the end result you want, is a very difficult task. Rest assured that the Bunnypants team is at the top in their industry and has the portfolio to back it up.


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corporate identity designer
Every now and then, one needs to step back and evaluate where you're heading with your business and what you need to get there. In some cases rebranding your business is the perfect way to draw attention to your already established business. This is exactly the kind of bold step CRS Africa recently took.
This is a move that takes a lot of courage, and if done correctly, it can become the most iconic decision you have ever made. Even companies and famous brands like Uber, Instagram and Master Card have rebranded to keep up with current trends.
We started by redesigning their logo and corporate identity. The aim was to give it a stylish new look that would give it a high-end, but simple and clean cut feeling. The brand needed to speak of exceptional standards and services while keeping true to the established personality of the business. We incorporated their old brand colours namely, black, grey and blue. The font we used was thin and elongated to represent style. An Africa sign was also incorporated as accent to their name.
The next step was the company profile. Their profile quickly grew from 4 pages to 8 to accommodate the important information we needed to feature. We made use of pictures from completed projects to showcase their standard of work, while we continued with the design style that we already established in the Corporate Identity.
This is only a few products we offer and we can do custom quotes for clients with very specific design needs. What ever your Graphic or Web Design need is, we have a solution for you.
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company profile design


If you want your business to appear professional, credible and dependable; then you need consistent, custom design and professional marketing materials that reflect your brand.
"All the above sounds terrific, but where does one begin?" - You may ask. Well, you can start with your corporate identity (This includes your logo, business card, letterhead and signature).


At Bunnypants Graphic & Web Design Studio, we understand that every client is unique and has their own goals regarding branding. That's why we have various graphic design packages to choose from. If the CI design sounds like too much to you, we can break it down and start with your professional logo design and continue with the rest of your branding when you are ready.


We recently completed a CI design for List My Biz - a very clean and professional, yet vibrant and fun-to-work-on brand!


Our creative team specializes in brand development and marketing material, so whenever you are in need of superb quality designs @ affordable prices - just give us a call!


vertice properties logo design


When there is a gap in the market, you can either keep dreaming of what it can become or you can take action and become the first in your class. That is exactly what Vertice Properties has done. They saw a gap for properties in need of renovations so they can be re-sold to their forever families. They also help home owners who don’t have the capacity to upgrade their properties in order to sell them and move on to their next journey.


With such a good business vision, the Vertice Properties team knew they had to work with a talented team of designers to accomplish the look they had in mind.


We started off with a professional logo to get the tone of design in place. From there we can develop the rest of their brand, depending on what their needs are. The logo has a very professional and modern look, but is still simple and clean-cut. The use of colours are also very complimentary and can be pared up with many different colour options in the future.


Having a business doesn’t mean you need to hand out tons of money to just get started. With Bunnypants, we provide unique solutions to get you where you plan on getting, but at your own pace. We offer individual product solutions or cost saver packages to get you started a bit faster.


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