Have you ever had a great idea for advertising for your business with absolutely no way of creating the design or bringing it all together? Have you ever wished you could say what you have in mind and have someone design it for you, interpreting it and allowing you to choose the option that matches your idea or what you want the best?


Wish no more… Bunnypants is the perfect team to help you interpret your vision visually. We translate your ideas into a visual representation thereof, giving you different options to choose from. We then make changes, if needed, with your guidance during the free revisions included in all our packages.


Our specialized graphic design services and attention to detail is exactly what the team at Nutri Feed was looking for when they decided to have us design a calendar (and some other graphic design products - coming soon). With their unique look and the contemporary feeling they want to convey for their product, our team of designers was excited to start the project.


To invest in the future you need to use what you have now and grow it into what you plan to have later.


White Petal Hire is a very stylish décor hire company. From gold cutlery-, tabletop- and furniture hire, you will find exactly what you need for your special event. Bunnypants needed to design an A5 leaflet to advertise some of these their products and show a bit more about the personal style of this established company. The possibilities for themed events are truly endless and it’s important to offer guidance in terms of what will work well and what will just be too much. This is called style and style is a very important thing to have when it comes to décor, that is why White Petal Hire is a preferred supplier.


For their leaflet design, we went for a contemporary look accented with elegant floral designs that also tie in with their name. With soft tones and a general clean look, the design gives a feeling of sophistication and professionalism.


With minor changes made during the free revision rounds, the designs were approved and ready to be used. Bunnypants offers an end to end service when it comes to graphic design, website design and digital marketing. We get to know our clients and take pride in their brand, because we are inspired by the ideas our clients have. Let the Bunnypants team help you build and develop your brand into something spectacular, call us today!


Never shape your ideas by the limitations set out by the world, but rather by all the ways you can exceed those limitations.


Art is such an important aspect of our daily lives and is seen all around us in all forms. With technology at our fingertips and the bravery of an artist, it is now possible for us to bring these creative art pieces into our homes and enjoy the talented interpretation of a variety of art pieces.


I'm of course talking about Delmari Fine Art; a spontaneous young artist who decided Bunnypants should create her website. By channeling her own style into our designs, the website became a true embodiment of her personality and creativity.


We focused on her story of discovery and her art. Because she also does commissions of client request, we added an easy to use enquiry form. The website is very easy to navigate and gives a sense of peace while scrolling through the pages.


Having a website is an asset in any industry, line of work or organization. Let Bunnypants create the website you need, call today.





If you wish to have a successful business you need to constantly evaluate your business, set goals and reach them within a certain time frame, to ensure that your company is growing and not just growing stagnant.


Unity Consulting is one of those innovative companies who saw the need for a visual change in their business and grabbed the opportunity to develop their brand into something new.


We kicked off with their corporate identity and after molding it into a brand they could love we, applied the same spark to their website to achieve their current branding goals. The general look of their designs are corporate and clean-cut, but still modern. We used the vibrant corporate colours of their current brand; with tones of blue, green and teal and accented the modern feeling just enough with the carefully thought out design elements. Taking placement of design in account and balancing the spacing to easily accommodate a mobile view of the website. When we build a website, it’s important to us to make sure that it is both aesthetically appealing and functional, as this increases the overall user experience and increases the chance of an enquiry.


If you’re ready to work with a design team who really has your best interest at heart, give the Bunnypants team a call; We can’t wait to see what your business can grow into and accomplish!