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In this modern world of ours, it has become so difficult to find someone who really cares about your needs and concerns; That's why it’s so refreshing to find individuals who take a stand and provide where they find a need. Silverage provides innovative and comprehensive living space solutions for modern seniors.

As modern and innovative people, the Silverage team saw the need in having a beautiful but also functional website. A website that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for and that is also pleasing to the eye. To accomplish this, the Bunnypants team took time to learn more about the client and what they aim to accomplish with their website so we could incorporate this message into their website. The website gives a feeling of endlessness and pushing the boundaries, which is exactly what anyone dreams of, once they reach a mature age. A feeling of a new life of possibilities and not the end of an adventure lived. Isn’t this exactly what we all work for in the end?

Looking at the colours used in the design, you will see it is kept consistent, but not repetitive and boring. You will also see a distinct style in the font used along with the imagery. In the end, all of these design elements speak together to create a luxurious and confident feeling, a feeling of success. It is important to us to design intentionally, always keeping the end result in mind.

The website is also built in the latest CMS technology, while keeping a keen eye on the functionality and performance of the site. It is built according to the latest rules of Google, keeping in mind that search engines, like Google, also needs to navigate and find the website easily. Each design element was also thoroughly thought through in order to accomplish the basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) criteria.

If you have a tingling feeling after looking at the website and you’re not completely sure what it is, we usually call it inspiration. You can have a website just as fantastic as this and at the most reasonable prices in the industry. All it takes to get the journey started is a call.


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Who can sell your company and its products or services better than you? You know what makes you different from the rest, because you answer these questions to your clients every day. The best way for you to make sure your potential clients and suppliers or investors understand exactly who you are and what you stand for, is by telling them.

Some of the best ways to do this is with a company folder, company profile or informative leaflets. We help many companies with these products and help them tell their story through top quality designs. Unetics is one of the dynamic companies making a difference in their community and the Bunnypants team helped them spruce it up with an impressive look.

We created their corporate look a few years ago, so it was very exciting to help them continue with their brand development. For Unetics, we designed a corporate folder with their contact details and a company overview on it. We then designed different inserts for the folder, containing more information about the different services they offer. This way, they can add the appropriate information to the folder when they see a client.

Each of the inserts and the folder has the same corporate feel, but still has its own distinct look. This kind of project really helps to bring out the identity and personality of a company, whether it’s brief or detailed. As designers, we need to take care of a very important balance in the design. There needs to be just the right amount of trendy design elements and brand specific designs, because if one overpowers the other - it won’t stand out and impress, as it should. This is just one of the small 'behind the scenes' things we keep in mind while creating your designs.

So, whether you’re looking for something like this, a basic company folder or maybe a more traditional company profile - We are more than ready to make it as impressive as it possibly can be.

Hesitation can make you miss out on game changing opportunities, so contact us today for the best prices, service and designs in the business.


sayln logo design


Image - this is something all businesses and organizations are chasing after. After all, if you have a bad image you will lose clientele.

Your image is influenced by your products, services, staff, social projects, quality, after service, guarantees, partnerships, etc. but it all starts with your company's branding. Don’t believe it? Well, just think about your most loved brands or shops, do they have an impressive look, catchy tagline, interesting logo or a professional feeling? All of this can be described as the look of the company.

In our professional experience, it is best to start with the logo and build from there. Some design companies will prefer to do your designs from scratch, only working on their own work. Other would rather want you to already have these corporate identity files designed, so they only need to build on that. At Bunnypants, we pride ourselves in being very flexible because we can either do your designs from the ground up, or we can take it from where your previous designers finished off.

Here is one of the latest designs for one of our clients. We started off with their logo and from here we can develop whatever they have in mind next. It all depends on what their need is. For SAYLN we created a youth focused logo that would appeal to a variety of cultures and races. The reason for this is because the client is a youth-focused organization that promotes social cohesion & diversity programs.

The logo can easily be used as inspiration for other designs and adjusted to support a variety of themes. The imagery is also bold and easily recognizable. It creates an immediate impression to the viewer, but also gets you to look again and again at the different angles.

Need help with your branding? - Call us when you’re ready to get started with your next design project.

laviatore media advert design


"Never stop testing and your advertising will never stop improving." - David Ogilvy.


Now that is something to ponder about. In this game of trial and error nothing is guaranteed. Having a business can't be expected to be any different and taking it to a new level of success will definitely involve advertising of some sort. Let's take L'Aviatore as an example; This is an exciting new company with a very promising future, as it fills a gap in the aviation market. However, no one will know about it if they don't advertise.


As a long-standing client of Bunnypants, we were very excited to help them with their publication and media advertisement. We based the look on their already established corporate look and we focused on the different ways of getting in touch with them.


The aim of their business is to put buyers and sellers in contact with each other. This is a very specialised platform for pilots and owners of helicopters or air planes. That is why they need a professional and creative design team who can bring it all together on one design.


The Bunnypants team takes a concept or idea and turns it into a creative design. So let us know how you need our help today.