Clothed in strength and dignity is die slagspreuk van hierdie klere reeks. Dit vorm ook ‘n groot deel van die ontwerp van die logo en help om balans daaraan te bring.

Ons het fyner lyne gebruik vir die slagspreuk, sowel as die moderne kroon ikoon. Dit is gekombineer met ‘n dikker font vir die naam en ‘n elegante, sagte pienk.


Watter deel van die logo is jou gunsteling?


A better hearing gives a better life.” This is the introduction phrase on the opening banner of the AAG website our design team built during the last quarter of 2018.


The concept of hearing is something most of us take for granted, not even realizing the struggles people who cannot hear go through every day. It is a passion for the team at AAG Speech Therapy & Audiology to help people in this difficult situation, who are experiencing the world in silence. It’s a passion for our dedicated design team to help clients like this to interpret their passion visually. To take viewers on a journey through the story of the company, guiding them through the variety of services there are to offer and answering the viewers' questions before they even ask them with an easy-to-navigate website.


The AAG website is a fully responsive, mobile ready website built in the newest technology to ensure a better performance. The website is laid out with thought provoking banners, call to action buttons for easy navigation and finer design elements.


The combination of text, layout and colour was carefully thought out to complement each other and bring balance to the overall look of the website. The general functionality and navigation of the website was also carefully considered while the CSM based website was built.


Our design team took great care to interpret the client’s needs and desires for the website, to create something they could be proud of.


At Bunnypants we really work hard at putting the needs of our clients first and giving them a product they can be proud of, while giving them service they can trust.





In the world we live today, you are very lucky if you have even a moment to spare between all the hustle and bustle. Luckily for us, the modern day brings a lot of ways to simplify life. 


Online shopping is a very convenient method for both the shopper and the retailer, and is becoming more and more popular every day!


Let’s take a look at one of our most recent E-commerce websites. Moosh Adorable Baby Products mainly sell boutique baby clothes and building their website was definitely a very fun task.


The general tone of the website needed to be playful, but portray a boutique styled feel at the same time. This was a daunting task because keeping the balance between different styles can be very difficult. This is why we like to work closely with our clients every step of the way. Our free revision rounds, that are included in all our projects, makes it so much easier to bring our clients' ideas to life.


The hints of gold used in the design elements, in combination with the faded royal blue water colours, create a sophisticated but fun look. By then just adding hints of grey and pink, we created a bit of surprise and mystery, showing that you can always expect something surprising and unique from this brand. In general we kept the look clean, while finishing the look off with a whimsical script font.


Even though it was fun to create the perfect look, we also took care in building a fully functioning CMS based website, that will provide the perfect platform for an E-commerce shop. Built in the latest technology, this website will run smoothly and provide a pleasant user experience.


If you like what you see and you’re ready to work with a team who is both creative and technically trained - give us a call.



Of jou webblad nou 10 blaaie het of net een, maak seker dat dit uitstaan en regtig spreek van die kwaliteit diens wat jy lewer en die trots wat jy in jou werk sit.

Maven Strategic Consulting Services is ’n prag webtuiste wat ons aan die einde van 2018 voltooi het. Die kliënt is in Johannesburg gebaseer, maar lewer dienste aan enige iemand van Vanderbijlpark tot Katoo.


Loer bietjie na hierdie skoon, gebalanseerde uitleg en laat die inspirasie bondloop.