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While we were busy creating some awesome designs, we realised that our clients and followers may not be aware of all the skills and training we have. So, grab a seat and let us inform you:

The Bunnypants team is in a constant motion of self improvement and development, to ensure we offer our clients the best service and give them products of the highest standard.


We are, first and foremost, formally trained in graphic design with a fine arts and technical drawing background. This allows us to offer you new and fresh design concepts of a high standard. Giving us the insight to design both creative and technical design elements to bring your project as a whole together.


As part of our mission in setting trends, we constantly search for new inspiration and allow research time for every project to ensure that our ideas are best suited for their specific design brief.


When it comes to websites, we take the same approach and refine it to suit every client's needs


For many years we have been building state of the art websites and especially systems in Joomla, refining our skills and expanding our knowledge of the system. Joomla is one of the leading CMS based website systems, offering you a range of secure website solutions. We have tested many of their products and add on's and continue testing new, plug-ins, modules and upgrades as we go.


Probably one of the best knows CMS based system is WordPress and is well known for its vast range of templates. Our staff is expert trained to build and customize Wordpress website to your needs and brand. We recently received Wordpress Advance Accreditation from LinkedIn for our Wordpress skills.  We have been helping our clients in a variety of ways with this system, offering them a tailor made solution for their needs.


Whether you need a custom designed website, a template install or fine tuning of your existing website, we can assist our clients every step of the way.


Having trained in both systems and building our knowledge of their inner workings, we are in the expert position to offer objective advice on what the best product is for your personal needs. That means, we give a complete package with each project, starting with outstanding serviceexpert advice, high standard designs and tailor made product solutions.


So no matter what your design or website needs are, trust the Bunnypants team to resolve it for you and give you a product you can be proud of.

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