Expand Your Brand With Media Adverts


Whether you view your news and media digitally or on paper, it won’t change the fact that we rely on these sources to stay up to date with current affairs.

Keeping this in mind, it is clear that it’s very important to keep a strong visual presence for your business, practice or organization. You need to make sure the public knows about you and what you can offer them. A positive association can only be achieved if you make sure that the designs and information you use is up to date, otherwise it might actually do damage and show the public that you have grown stagnant and have no new ideas.


If you take a look at the biggest companies and organizations, you will see that they are very busy in a variety of aspects. They advertise vigorously and have something new up their sleeve every time. Sometimes they recycle old ideas and repackage them to give it a fresh feeling. There are many ways of doing this, as long as you don’t do the same thing over and over again.


When it comes to a media advert, there are so many possibilities of what you can do and what it will mean for you. We would advise that you have the advert designed by a professional with a strong design and advertising background and an eye for detail. Whether it’s an employee or a design and marketing company, make sure you have a look at their previous work and whether it is of a good standard.


Some aspects to keep in mind:

The size of media adverts are very different, depending on what publication medium you’re using. Newspaper articles will be very different from that of a magazine and even the different magazines may have different requirements. Rather contact the publication company first and find out what all the requirements are. The sizes, bleeds, type areas etc. are all important information that will have a big influence on the design of your advert. Knowing this information in advance will save you a lot of time and money.


Also, make sure what the deadlines and cut off dates are. Publication companies are very strict on this as it will negatively influence their printing and delivery dates if not kept to the cut off times.


The format in which you need to supply your artwork, is also a very important thing. Not all formats will be accepted or suitable for the software they use. Some file formats will also be very restrictive and make it difficult to work with.


The last bit of advice we can give is to have the contact details of the publication company and the relevant contact person close at hand to make sure of any details you are unsure of. Rather find out what you need to know before you need to redo the design.

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