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Graphic Design

Publication & Media Adverts

X2 Uniquely different Concept designs

Includes X2 Advert Design options to choose from.

Different elements to be combined to create an unique Advert according to existing brand and brief received.

X1 Final Concept


Specs must be supplied by publication in advanced - 7 days prior to deadline.

  • Full page - R 1890.00
  • Half page - R 1350.00
  • Quarter page - R 980.00
  • Random size smaller ads - R 750.00


For print & digital media

Full colour

Made print ready pdf - x1a format, 300 dpi

X2 revision rounds included


Price: Starting @ R750

Excl. VAT


A publication or media advert is an announcement in a newspaper or magazine, promoting a product, a company, a special or an editorial of any sort.


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