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Bunnypants has a unique name which people do not forget. The brand was launched in early 2004. This very unusual name was formed from owner and founder’s maiden surname: Haasbroek > Haas = Bunny and Broek = Pants > Bunnypants!! Bunnypants Logo has been cultural jammed from the PUMA brands logo as the Puma has been redesigned as a Bunny. Bunnypants is a graphic, website design and system development business committed to provide top quality designs and excellent service to our clients. We also specialize in online marketing and social media training. We design without compromise and because we are equally strong in both design and technical disciplines, you will never have to compromise design for functionality, or functionality for design. We focus on designing solutions allowing our clients to communicate with their customers in ways that are holistic, disciplined and promote growth. One of our strong points are that our staff work as a team on all projects, using state of the art systems, technology and awesome thinking. Although our studio is based in the Vaal Triangle in Gauteng, South Africa, we do help clients all over Southern Africa and abroad. We have excellent communication skills and technology in place like email, dropbox, skype and uhhmm... the telephone to ensure your projects get done right. Bunnypants main objective is customer service, you can even hear us smile over the phone!   


Graphic / Brand Design

Graphic design is the art of communication, stylizing, and problem-solving through the use of type, space, and image.

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Website Design

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites.

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Google Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is designed to increase a website's and products visibility in search engine results like Google.

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Our Portfolio

Browse our awesome and awe-inspiring design portfolio. View our Graphic, Website, System, Marketing and Training portfolio here.

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Training & Development

Do you know how to use social media for personal, product or business gain? Let us help you learn!

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Online System Development

Save money, time and paper by implementing affordable online business and social systems. 

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Bunnypants Crew

Our team is dedicated to your success. We are passionate, educated, experienced and don't forget ... Awesome!
Meet the design team below.



Web Developer / Co-Owner



Graphic Designer / Co-Owner



Team Leader / Graphic Designer



Web / Graphic Designer



Web / Graphic Designer

Madelein Kriel


Office Administrator

Roshka - The Dog


Welcoming Committee

Botox - The Dog


Welcoming Committee

Some Of Our Clients

  • 10_Chicken-Licken
  • 10_Fitness
  • 11_Dickinson-Group
  • 11_Sunday-Times
  • 12_Pmutech
  • 12_Vaal-info
  • 13_Beeld
  • 13_Lcf
  • 14_Drosdy
  • 14_Klipriver
  • 1_Homeowner
  • 1_Sedgars
  • 2_The-Star
  • 2_Trend
  • 3_Habitat
  • 3_Ocean-Basket
  • 4_Mahindra
  • 4_Vaal-Ster
  • 5_Fordsburg
  • 5_Riverside
  • 6_Communitypaints
  • 6_SA-India
  • 7_KFC
  • 7_NisMedia
  • 8_CarpeDiem
  • 8_Rotary
  • 9_Hydro-Health
  • 9_RooiRose
  • Aarti
  • At_My_Table
  • Bellow_and_Bus
  • Bistro_Delisious
  • Celebration_Creations
  • Client-Logos_ARMM
  • Client-Logos_Africa-Alive
  • Client-Logos_Ashleigh-Rose-Photography
  • Client-Logos_Barbosa-Gouws-Attorneys
  • Client-Logos_Bellow-&-Bus
  • Client-Logos_Biocal
  • Client-Logos_Booysen-Belange
  • Client-Logos_Business-with-a-purpose
  • Client-Logos_Chasers-Alehouse
  • Client-Logos_Community-Chest-Lusa
  • Client-Logos_Complete-School-of-Hairdressing
  • Client-Logos_Cracklys
  • Client-Logos_Crazy-Chameleon
  • Client-Logos_Cupcakes-Of-Hope
  • Client-Logos_DAT
  • Client-Logos_DMP-Attorneys-or-Prokureurs
  • Client-Logos_Dewet-LyellNel-Maeyane
  • Client-Logos_Diamond-House
  • Client-Logos_Die-Dieet-Waarvan-Almal-Praat
  • Client-Logos_Dr-HB-Prinsloo
  • Client-Logos_Dr-Marika-van-Lelyveld
  • Client-Logos_Durocast-Pty-Ltd
  • Client-Logos_ETS-Civil_Constuction
  • Client-Logos_Ed-U-College
  • Client-Logos_Elegant-Line-Trading
  • Client-Logos_Elegant-Line
  • Client-Logos_Ellis-Engineering
  • Client-Logos_Food-Shack
  • Client-Logos_HRE-Group
  • Client-Logos_Hamman-Boerdery
  • Client-Logos_Heavenly-Bridal-Gowns
  • Client-Logos_Hobby-Animals
  • Client-Logos_Hofer-Fishing
  • Client-Logos_Inside-Out
  • Client-Logos_JPB-Electrical
  • Client-Logos_Jabes-Foundation
  • Client-Logos_Kessa
  • Client-Logos_Klip-River-Country-Estate
  • Client-Logos_Kobus-Duvenhage-Bouers
  • Client-Logos_Kruze-Property-Management-and-Maintenance
  • Client-Logos_LCF
  • Client-Logos_Lads-Construction
  • Client-Logos_Lavender-and-Lilies-Interiors-Midrand
  • Client-Logos_Liesl-Roos-Photography
  • Client-Logos_Lifestyle-Ceramics
  • Client-Logos_Lumela-Afrika
  • Client-Logos_Manna-Dorper
  • Client-Logos_Ntlo-Ya-Baeti-Guesthouse
  • Client-Logos_Oase
  • Client-Logos_Redlex
  • Client-Logos_Ruby-Rose
  • Client-Logos_SHL
  • Client-Logos_SKA
  • Client-Logos_SME
  • Client-Logos_Satten-Faces
  • Client-Logos_Sedgars-Sport
  • Client-Logos_Soetdoring
  • Client-Logos_Sonlandpark-apteek
  • Client-Logos_Swift-Power
  • Client-Logos_Temoc
  • Client-Logos_The-Cork-Boutiques
  • Client-Logos_Thembeka-Air
  • Client-Logos_Vest
  • Client-Logos_Vintage-Suitcase
  • Client-Logos_Water-On-Waldrift
  • Client-Logos_White-Heart
  • Client-Logos_Wide-Horizon
  • Client-Logos_Yolene-Hancke
  • Client-Logos_dAmour
  • Client-Logos_iBDA
  • Cupcakes_of_hope
  • Dancing_River


Our Workspace

What Our Clients Say

  • Bunnypants is amazing!
    I love these guys and my new designs.

    Abdul Patel, Owner
  • Wow! Our business has grown
    since Bunnypants rebuild and marketed our website.

    Elze Scheepers, Marketing Manager
  • Awesome work. Come in with the best ideas
    and walk out with even better ones.

    Fayaaz Dockrat , Owner



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