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Graphic Design - Corporate Identity Design Project



Lawyers handle different sorts of clients and a variety of legal tasks. A well designed corporate identity is for that reason, not just a necessity, but a must! Using a well-proportioned, clean font in developing a logo, can make all the difference in your Brand and the overall look and feel of your corporate stationery. A typeface should reflect the company’s image and beliefs, in the case with Hoffman Prinsloo Attorneys Incorporated, reflecting professionalism combined with excellent service.


The use of corporate colors in tones of blue, compliments the success behind the brand

Non Profit Web Design Inspiration

"Bible Translation is who we are". - Africa Alive.

Africa Alive is a Non Profit Organization whose mission is God’s Word alive in every language. Nearly third of the world's 7000 languages do not have even one verse of God's word. This means that nearly 300 million people are still waiting for a translation of the Scriptures into the language of their heart. 

The Africa Alive project was born out of Wycliffe South Africa. Bunnypants was contracted to build a new brand for Wycliffe SA to act as a corporate marketing brand for the Bible Translation Leader. The original Africa Alive brand was also developed by Bunnypants as a Mission Advertising Brand when the Wycliffe staff and volunteers attempted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and ride the 94.7 challenge years ago. This brand become so popular with the younger generation that Wycliffe decided to upgrade the brand to be a Corporate Marketing Brand for the Group.

This was a very exciting project for Bunnypants as we had the privilege to rebuild a brand to something much bigger, which will have so much more impact in the world.

The redesigned brand was pulled through to all the website graphics which are custom designed for the client. This website consist of super high quality photos which was taken by world renown photographer Esther Havens and the stories was written by Kelsi Williamson.

Do yourselves a favor and go and read the stories on this website, also view their embedded Video on the Home page. This CMS website uses technology and features like, Donation System, Event Booking System, Inter Active Calendar and Online Forms.

To view this remarkable non profit website and read the stories, go to 


Bible Translation Website design


Brand Reputation Building


Online Donation System


Marketing Blog


Online Events Booking System



Magazine, Media and Advert Publications Design


The Homeowner Magazine as well as the Habitat Magazine, are well-known South African Glossy House & Décor Magazines, for whom we have created various lifestyle advertisements on behalf of our clients.

Magazines offer you an opportunity to target specific audiences who have demonstrated an interest in a particular topic. But what does an advert in a niche magazine mean, if not tastefully and brand specific designed?


We specialize in portraying your brand in all advertising materials, media and advert publications just being one of them.

Publications Graphic Design

Bushveld Wedding Venue Website Design

Silver Leaves wedding and conference venue is enveloped by the Thaba Nkwe game lodge in the heart of the Bushveld, nestled in the Waterberge (Water mountains). Silver Leaves is the fascinating wedding destination where myth and legend weave their way through landcapes of incredible beauty. If you wish to celebrate your special wedding ceremony in the African bush with the sights and sounds of game and the bouquet of the bush, they are the chosen location.

Yet another awesome project by Bunnypants. The Silver Leaves brand was developed by our team, and then we pulled the corporate identity through to the website and other marketing materials, like pamphlets and print media advertisements.

We currently run a on going online marketing strategy on behalf of this client to market their website on Search Engine, Social Media, etc. Although Silver Leaves is situated in Limpopo Province, we still were able to assist the client in developing and maintaining their brand, website and marketing material. No need for face to face meetings, we are able to serve clients anywhere with their design needs.

To view or book your wedding, conference or stay at Silver Leaves on the Thabe Nkwe Farm, go to


Online Marketing Strategy




Thaba Nkwe Game Lodge Web Design


print media design


Limpopo web design services


Web Design Company in Africa


Social media marketing

Z Fold Brochure Design Construction Company Vanderbijlpark


Redlex Construction is committed to design and build with excellence of a timeless quality. With that in mind, we had to design them a corporate image, including a logo, business card, letterhead, email signature and z-fold brochure, committing to the same qualities.


Thus using their corporate colors, in a structural matter, with a minimalistic approach, we accomplished just that. The aim was to advertising their service as well as creating brand awareness, presenting their reference work in a well-designed and thought through manner.


The project was completed successfully and a beautiful brand was established.

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