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As time changes, so does your design needs and what better way to move with the times, than with Bunnypants Graphic and Web Design Studio. Technology changes daily and we need to adjust to the times to stay ahead of the game and ahead of our competitors. Temoc Engineering took the first step in doing so, when they contacted us to redesign their website late last year. They have been our client for many years, after establishing their brand and website.


Temoc did not want to change their brand, but required a new and fresh look for their website. We combined their established brand with some fresh graphic design elements to give it a more modern and up to date look. We made use of flat icons that are easy to understand and some of their own photos to show the client exactly what they can expect from Temoc Engineering.  The new website is very structured, informative and easy to navigate


Because their original website was quite old, it wasn’t mobile friendly and had some other kinks. With the rebuild of their website these problems are a thing of the past. Their website is now a fully functioning CMS based website that is completely mobile friendly. We also provided the client training based on their own website and needs, so they will be able to manage their website in the future.


Website design is only one of the many specialized services we offer our clients. We have individual items that can be compiled into a custom pack to best suit your needs, or you can make use of our established package deals that include the most requested items and features. Have a look at all the website packages and add ons we have to offer.

We like establishing strong relationships with our clients that will last for many years and we pride ourselves in becoming part of their story. Do you need a graphic and web design company with your best interest at heart, then you need Bunnypants Graphic and Web Design Studio.

Feel free to make use of our enquiry form and chat system for more details - or just give us a call.


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Bunnypants likes to do things differently and we like to make our personality clear in what we do. When you find that breakthrough of land on that world changing idea, you need to back it up with a trendsetting brand and website that will let everyone know you mean business. This was definitely the case for Athletic Wear. 


They approached Bunnypants Graphic & Web Design Studio to design their Online Shop Website to help their unique business idea become a reality - They import exclusive, quality sportswear you won’t find in your usual retail stores and sell them online at an affordable price.  The client needed a website that is visually appealing, but is also functional. We designed and built a fully functional CMS based online shop that the client could manage themselves.


Athletic Wear wanted Bunnypants to convey a message of quality and exclusivity through the designs for the website. With each page being custom designed with top quality graphics, this is exactly what was accomplished. The general look of the website is bold and strong but also stylish and professional. There is also a combination of lifestyle photos and modern designs featured on the website, to help the website make a statement and stand out from the rest. We really loved working on this project!

Sportswear is a very trendy style and you will be the talk of the town with the exclusive items they have to offer. Bunnypants is just the team to contact if you are ready to step into the digital world and create an online presence for your new or established business.

What's the next step for you? Give us a call and we’ll tell you.


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For this design project Bunnypants went international! Yes, that’s right - We don’t just cater for local clientele, we also have the capacity to help clients internationally.


In a project like this, effective communication is key. The client gave us detailed information on their design needs in their project brief. Because the client is from Germany, we had to consider that cultural reference wouldn’t be the same and that we might communicate differently. As with all our clients, an open line of communication helped keep the project process simple and efficient.


For Wilcocks und Scharneck Immobilien, Bunnypants developed a logo and business card that is corporate and clean cut, while keeping in mind that they also wanted to keep it modern. The most challenging part is to match the look of the design to what the client has in mind, while also portraying a powerful message. This is exactly what we love to do. The success of a good logo lies in a memorable and versatile design that immediately tells your story. To illustrate that Wilcocks and Sharneck is in the business of letting and selling property, we used the classic look of a city skyline with a simple, clean font. The client just loved this idea and in combination with the bold colours they chose - this logo says it all in just one glance.


Once this unique look for the logo was established, we could pull the theme through to a stunning business card design. It is really our hearts desire for each client to just fall in love with the designs we create for them. This is why we offer 2 free revision rounds that are included in our packages. We won’t stop until you are happy with the final product.


For office, shop front and warehouse factory rental or sales in Germany, Wilcocks and Scharneck will be able to assist you. Contact them to find out what they have to offer you.


If you like what you see don’t wait, contact us today to find out how we can tell your story.


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Yet another satisfied client, with a powerful Corporate Identity they can be proud of. Bunnypants likes to push the limits with design and execution of the client's request. For this project we had to portray the personality of 3 very different individuals to capture the unity of the Cybastaff Marketing owners. Keeping their design brief in mind, our team of designers provided a variety of CI designs, which the client could choose from.

We just loved learning a bit more about each of these women and combining their differing character traits into one design. The aim of the designs were to establish a new brand that would emphasize the uniqueness of the business.


The clients wanted to use the branding for print and presentation; This is always taken into account before we present the designs. The overall look requested by the client, was corporate but modern with a touch of elegant flair.

This project is just another example of the design variety Bunnypants is capable of. With a team of designers we set ourselves apart from other designing companies, by using several design approaches for each project. We present options that are designed by different designers and this enables us to keep our ideas fresh.

Bunnypants specializes in Graphic and Website design. We love telling stories through the visual representation of our client's brand. If you need help in developing or upgrading your brand, give us a call.

Cybastaff is a dynamic business with endless services, they identify the needs of their client and advise on the best course of action. Some of their services include training and recruitment.


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