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Is the identity of your business memorable enough? Having your own distinct look is what each business wants and needs to set them apart from their closest competition. For every business, there are pains and struggles within their industry that needs to be overcome; identity is only one of them.

Americana Hardware is one of our longstanding clients for whom we have completed many a tasks during the years. The latest of these projects was the redraw of their existing logo. It grew more and more important to them to have their already well known logo in all the high resolution files they would need in the future. This is just one of the many customized services the Bunnypants team can offer clients.

While doing the redraw, we made some minor changes to the logo to give it a bit of an upgrade (with the client's consent, ofcourse) with the same feeling of trust and quality it always had.

Because we are specialists in our field, we’re not limited by only one line of expertise when it comes to our design work. We are a very flexible team, who is able to offer brand new designs or a redraw off timeless and loved designs. How many graphic design companies can offer such a customized service at such a competitive price?

Don’t let the search for quality get the best of you, give us a call today and let us solve your design problems.

phahamisa logo design



A website to remember. Isn’t that what everyone wants to hear? It’s the greatest feeling to launch your brand and website and get a welcoming response from the public because of the look and how easy it is to navigate. However, this is something that is hard to come by in our modern world.

With design companies popping up all over the place, it becomes so hard to pick the right one. This is where the Bunnypants company history can help to set your mind at ease. We have long standing relationships with industry leaders and over 12 years in experience to back up our portfolio. With a great creative and technical team, you can rest assured your branding needs are in good hands.

Phahamisa Venture Capital Fund is one of our more recent completed projects. We started their project off with a unique logo design, based on their detailed guidelines. The brand image represents their passion for business and quality service, while incorporating the vibrant African colours.

Once the logo was finalized, we started developing their CMS based website. The website needed to have important company information on it that is easy to access. It also needed to be easy to navigate and capture the unique look of their brand. As the company would need to make amendments to some of their information, they found it very accommodating that website training was included in their quotation.

Because the Bunnypants team has a strong design team, we could capture the look they wanted and the technical team ensured that the website was built with all the correct settings and functions in place to ensure it functions properly in the future.


screen web design phahamisa


phahamisa venture capital web design home


phahamisa web design overview

siphiwokuhle custom logo design


Looking the part isn’t always that easy, you need to start somewhere. For a business it starts with your logo, which forms the first impression others will have of you. It is one of those subconscious reactions we just can’t get around, so we need to learn how to play it to our advantage. In some cases studies of human behavior and opinions are used to guide these important design decisions. In other cases, a good understanding of your industry and what people react to will work perfectly to establish your logo.

You also need to take what you want to accomplish into careful consideration with the look of your logo. Another thing to consider is how it will impact your branding going forward, as this can bind you or create flexible branding options for the future.

Here is one of our most recent completed logos done for Simphiwokuhle Properties. This residential property rental and sales company has a very modern style that needed to be portrayed in their logo. With their very confident tagline, “we have it figured out” the logo needed to make a memorable statement.

The team at Simphiwokuhle Properties wanted to use colours that speaks to the look of a professional estate agency. We used shades of blue with gold to give them the “pop of colour” they were looking for, while still keeping the look professional.

From here we can easily expand their brand onto their printed stationery, for sale boards or whatever their next design need might be.


siphiwokuhle logo design

screen web designheinrich elbe


Are you a bride just looking for the answer to your invitation and arrangement nightmare? Bunnypants has the perfect product for you! We offer a wide variety of wedding solutions from wedding invitation websites to designs for printed stationery and so much more.

With a keen sense of style, the Bunnypants team has established a reputation for creative wedding designs. Our creative team can easily switch from corporate designs to stylish wedding themed designs for your big day. We follow the same process as usual to determine that perfect look for that perfect day.

Take a look at one of our recent wedding websites, done for Heinrich and Elbé. The colour theme of the wedding was pale pink and green combined with wood accents. Their look was rustic and vintage, that went perfectly with the colour choices. This rustic woodlands website look was so much fun to work on and their engagement photo shoot pictures just made it all come together.

The benefits of having a wedding invitation website, is just endless. You can easily send out your invitations and ensure your guests get them on time. Your guests can quickly RSVP online to ensure you have their confirmation. From there you will receive the RSVP’s in your inbox which makes keeping track of your guest list and catering needs that much easier. You can also add important information and arrangements on the website or links to nearby accommodation for your guests.

Just pop us a message for more info.


heinrich elbe wedding website design