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Ready to take the first step in branding? - Then we are just the right team to help you.


The first step in your professional business designs would be a personalised logo to establish the uniqueness of your business and to give it an identity. From here the options are endless. Just take Everywair Internet as an example; We "klicked" off their designs with a logo and now the road is open for more creative designs in marketing material.


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"I never dreamed of success, I worked for it." - Author Unknown. Success is a very unpredictable thing and it can change very quickly. As a motivated design team, Bunnypants aims to help businesses with all the designs they might need on their way to success and wherever the road may lead them.


Ayogas is one of those clients we could help with loads of designs for their business. Starting with their Corporate Identity, we designed their logo, business card, letterhead and signature which ensures that all their communications will have a professional look. By using a striking orange in combination with grey and black, we created a strong look for their brand. We just love interpreting the clients vision in a visual way and giving them exactly what they were dreaming of.


The next step for this dynamic business was a pamphlet and a company profile to support their business in its growth even further. The general look is clean but striking, with smart design elements to make it even more appealing to the eye.


What is the next step for your business and do you have an energetic design team that is ready to push the limits with jaw dropping designs?
If not, it’s time to contact Bunnypants to help you set the bar in your industry.


ayogas corporate identity


ayogas company profile


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How exciting to do multiple projects for a client and being able to brag about it as we go! After establishing Triangle Readymix's CMS based website, the next step was to create their unique company profile. The goal was to convert their website into a company profile, creating a stronger brand.


By incorporating strong imagery with eye catching designs to accent the important information, their company profile needs to contain. This professional high quality design is ready to print or send electronically wherever it needs to go.


Because we don't do printing ourselves, we can concentrate 100% of our attention on creating jaw dropping designs for all our clients.


If you've been looking for a company who is focused on giving their clients the designs they dream of, accompanied by expert advice - no need to look any further!

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Do you have a specialized business and need to inform the public on what you can offer them? This is something that can’t be taken up lightly and that is why Bunnypants is the perfect company to help you achieve this.


We specialize in both graphic- and website design so we can offer you an all-round service to cover all your design needs. This means you can achieve consistent quality designs time and time again as your business grows and as your needs change. With the variety of packages and options we have to offer, you are sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.


One of the most recent brands we developed was that of Terracopta, which is an advanced mapping and aerial surveying company located in Gauteng. We started with the company branding - which included the logo, letterhead, email signatures and business cards, all custom designed to match perfectly.


terracopta business card design


terracopta letterhead design


The next step was some marketing material in the form of brochures and a website. Because they have very specific branding, it was important to keep true to the identity of the business. Using their orange and grey as focal colours in combination with carefully chosen pictures the simplistic and non-cluttered looks were laid out with the same precision you can expect from Terracopta.


Brand consistency is something we take very seriously, along with quality and service. If this is something you are looking for in a design company, we are definitely the team for you. Leave us a message or give us a call so we can get back to you ASAP!


terracopta brochure design



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terracopta web design

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