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bunnypants data2sight logo design


Do you want to make a statement with the look of your business and stand out from your competitors? Then you need professional corporate branding.

Bunnypants Graphic and Web Design Studio specializes in these type of designs. We know how tough it is to make a good impression in your chosen industry and what the value of strong branding is. Let us guide you in the process of developing a brand that will stand out.

We are very proud to present yet another successful Corporate Identity development. The general tone of the designs needed to be corporate, professional, simple and clean-cut. 


D2i Limited provides expert, data analytics and statistical consulting services in the field of Big Data Analytics. They assist their clients in examining big (and small) data to discover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and advanced modelling. This leads to faster and better decision making, developing new services and products and adding significant value to the business.

They are very proud of their unique business so they needed a brand that would tell their story and make a lasting impression. We are already busy with the development of the next project for D2I - so watch this space.

If you like what you see, there's no reason to wait.. Contact us to find out how we can help your branding make a lasting impression!

bunnypants data2insight business card


bunnypants data2sight letterhead design


bunnypants data2sight signature design


bunnypants trineon company profile design


Looking for a design company who will understand your business and capture your design ideas in one look? Look no further - Bunnypants is the answer! Designing is what we do and we love working with a variety of companies and clients (in almost every industry). We also love learning more about our clients while projecting their ideas visually.


For Tri Neon we needed to upgrade their existing company profile to suit their already established brand. The client provided us with their existing company profile, where we got all the info we needed. Using their design brief and brand as guidelines, we designed a variant of options. From there we made some small adjustments as requested by the client and fine-tuned each page until the client was completely happy (We don’t stop until the client is completely happy - because that is what makes us happy). 


The company profile consists of contrasting colours and a clean design layout, to give it a vibrant and fresh, yet professional look. The design also consists of the company's photos to help showcase their work. Tri Neon specializes in a variety of electrical services and have done work for some very big companies in the area. They also make use of thermal imaging to help locate potential electrical problems.


We recently made some amendments to the Tri Neon company profile, as some of their details had changed. Even though a project has already been finalized, we will still be able to assist you with changes to the work we did for you. To ensure that we will always be able to make these adjustments for you, we can make an arrangement to backup your files and store it until you need them again.


At the end of every project we provide our clients with the open-, as well as high resolution printable files, as selected at the beginning of the project. This is definitely something that sets us apart from most designing companies.

Company profile designs are only one of the many services we offer new and existing clients, just visit our pricing pages for more information and prices.

If you require anything that isn’t listed, just let us know and we will advise you on a price.


screen web design sable recruitment


Do you need a professional look for your company's brand? Then you need to call the Bunnypants Graphic and Web Design Studio today! One of our latest projects was the design of a website for Sable Recruitment. Guided by the client’s completed design brief, we started the project with the look and feel of their website. While developing the design options for our clients, we provide multiple unique options - to ensure we cover all the design aspects mentioned in their brief. We accomplish this by using a team of designers who has different design ideas. The client is then free to make any alterations using their 2 free revision rounds included in the package.

The client had a clear idea in mind of what he was looking for and this helped us provide options he found difficult to choose between. With some small changes made to the designs he chose, we finalized his website look.
By now we have learned to know the client much better and had a clear vision of what he liked. The client gave us some final details for the website pages and explained what he wanted to accomplish with it. Using this information, we planned the layout of the rest of the website. The website had an earthy and natural feeling to it, which suites the client’s industry the best - just as he requested. Only a few small changes were needed before we could introduce his fully functioning CMS based website to the world.

With his brand new mobile friendly website in place, he is free to expand the virtual presence of his specialized recruitment agency. Potential applicants and hospitality institutions will now be able to get more information on his website and contact him directly through the information it provides. He will also be able to update these details, along with other details, using the training Bunnypants provides.

Sable Recruitment offers a unique recruitment service, specifically aimed at the hospitality- and wildlife industry. By building profiles with lodges and the reserves they do business with, Sable Recruitment has a better understanding of what is needed in an applicant. This gives them an advantage above other similar businesses and this is what sets them apart from the average.

If you need your story told, but you don’t know where to start - giving us a call is the first step in the right direction.


bunnypants website design sable recruitment home page


bunnypants website design sable recruitment about page


bunnypants website design sable recruitment contact page

bunnypants sheq company profile


Corporate branding is one of the services Bunnypants specializes in. With a team of creative designers, we offer a wide variety of services to companies and individuals. For SHEQ partners we developed a company profile, catalogue and a website. We first established the look of the company profile and catalogue for the client, based on their brand. The client supplied examples of what he had in mind, but needed something true to their own brand identity.


We used lifestyle photos related to their specific industry, combined with creative designs. The look of the company profile and catalogue is clean and professional with splashes of colour to highlight their brand throughout the pages. There is a modern feeling to the designs and a message of safety is evident. The client used their 2 free revision rounds to make small changes and corrections where needed, to make sure the product was 100% to their satisfaction.


For SHEQ the designs were very important, as they would help educate the public on what they do and why their services are a necessity. SHEQ partners provide a wide variety of safety products, including safety wear. This is a very important aspect to have in place at any company or workplace.



screen web design sheq

After finalizing the designs, we moved over to their personalized website design. Because we don’t use templates, we could design a look that would suit the client and their needs perfectly. The look and feel of the company profile and catalogue were pulled through to the website to create a strong connection between all the elements. We used the information already finalized in the profile and catalogue and styled each page individually. As with all our websites the SHEQ website is a fully responsive CMS based website that enables the client to manage their website once we were done. Personalized training on how to manage their website was supplied to the client and we also advised on some marketing options.

You know your business and we know design. Let us guide you in your design needs, so you have more time to invest in your business - we got this.


bunnypants sheq catelogue website design home page


bunnypants sheq catelogue website design about page


bunnypants sheq catelogue website design health and safety page

bunnypants metron business card design


We are so proud to showcase this project done by the Bunnypants team. At Bunnypants Graphic and Web Design Studio, we realize that each business is different and their needs will also be different. We also understand that the industry our clients are in will have a big influence on the work we produce for them. These are all factors we take into account when we start a project.


For Metron Analytical Laboratory we designed a business card and a new brochure. They already had an existing brochure and needed us to redesign it, to look more appealing to their clients. We needed to bring in more design elements and structure the brochure in such a way, that is easier to understand.

The main message that we needed to convey was the services Metron offer and that they are good in what they do. Quality was a very important aspect for the client and they wanted this to be clear in the designs.

For the business card we also needed to design a professional, clean-cut card with a design that matches the brochure and the rest of their already established brand.

Metron Analytical Laboratory is an environmental and industrial analytical chemistry service provider. They specialize in the analysis of water, soil, rock and waste. Their based in Vanderbijlpark, in the Vaal Triangle and is one of the few commercial laboratories in the area.

Whether you have an established brand or whether you need to have a new brand developed, we are here to help you.


We offer many different graphic design products and also other business related services that will assist you in creating a strong virtual and physical presence in the world.

We help you stand out and we love doing it!


bunnypants metron brochure design

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