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screen web design megan le roux


At Bunnypants, we are all about innovative designs, setting trends and building custom websites. A recipe for quality products and happy clients. Even though most of our clients have corporate brands and prefer their corporate identity to have a professional and clean cut look, Bunnypants can cater for a wide variety of design styles.


We recently launched a new product, Personal WEDDING WEBSITES. This website is used to communicate with guests in an easy, stylish and trendy manner, to inform them of the wedding's time, date, location, gift registry and everything you would like your guests to know. The website is designed according to a creative design brief completed by the client, so we can really understand and capture the vision of the bride and groom.


After the wedding is completed and there is no further need for the invitation side of the website, you have the option to convert the website to a forever blog. Bunnypants will then supply you with training, which will allow you to create your very own blogs on all the important things of your life (you are free to blog about absolutely anything; from your favourite food recipes, to relaxing family vacations). For more information on this awesome web product, don't hesitate to contact us...


This is yet another trendsetting project for the Bunnypants team, taking this virtual wedding invitation and turning it into a Forever blog to tell the client's story, their way. The style and look of this bride and groom was very inspiring and easy to work with. Congratulations to Megan & Shaun with their wedding and also with their brand new Forever blog.


Instead of spending money on wedding invitations that will be thrown away after a while, rather send your guests your own personal website link, where they can RSVP, read more about your story or view your engagement photo shoot.


Virtual invitations are taking the world by storm and this couple jumped on the boat to catch the wave. Now they will forever keep the memories and easily share their story with their friends and family. The website is still a fully responsive site and loaded with the latest style and designs, specifically designed for the client.


bunnypants wedding web design megan le roux how they met


bunnypants wedding web design megan le roux engagement

bunnypants cdj custom logo graphic design


The development of CDJ Land Surveyors Corporate Identity was a bit of a brain teaser, as they form part of the holding company, Terramatics. They required their corporate brand to have the same look and feel as Terramatics, but they also needed their own individual identity to be illustrated through the newly designed brand. The brand needed to stand out, yet still be professional and state exactly what they do in a visual manner. 


Bunnypants Graphic and Web Design Studio developed a corporate identity that captures the essence of CDJ's business and meets all of their graphic requirements. Their corporate identity consists of a logo, letterhead, business card and signature. We also developed a 'shortened' company profile for them that match the rest of their brand.


Wondering what we have to offer you? Just give us a shout and we can tell you.


For any land surveying needs you can contact the dynamic team at CDJ. They give a personalized touch to the data they capture and supply their clients with detailed data. The visualized representation of the data they collect sets them apart from their competitors. CDJ not only specializes in the usual land surveying, but they also offer a variety of surveying services to numerous industries such as engineering, construction, mining and cadastral/property.

Their team is big enough to take on any size project and they are quality driven.


bunnypants cdj business card graphic design


bunnypants cdj custom letterhead design


bunnypants cdj signature design


bunnypants cdj company folder insert graphic design

screen web design ink on labels


We have entered a time where more and more consumers are making use of the internet to search for the products and services they require. Your website has the potential to state your professionality, credibility and even your dependability. Whether you own a small, medium or large business, adding a website to your brand identity, will always benefit you. A website will give you an online presence and allow you to reach a wider variety of clientele.


Ink on Labels is a medium size printing company based in Sasolburg - Free State. They already had an existing brand and needed Bunnypants to design their website. They required a corporate, clean cut look with a little bit of edge that would compliment their brand.


Bunnypants specializes in the design of websites and is the proud designer of the Ink On Labels website. This CMS based website consists of state of the art graphics and design elements that helps tell their story visually.

Ink on Labels specializes in Flexographic printing, Digital printing and Silk screening: Flexographic printing covering beverages, dairies, foods, wines, cosmetics, lubricants, paints and industrial chemicals. Digital printing covering branding and advertising. Silk screening covering the transport and factory industries. They strive to produce high quality products combined with excellent customer service


At Bunnypants, we focus on quality design, outstanding service and most of all, client satisfaction. As with all our projects, the product (in this case, the website) is only finalized after the client's final approval. In this manner, we assure that we tell our client's story and represent their brand the way they envisioned it.


bunnypants ink on labels website design home page


bunnypants ink on labels website design about page


bunnypants ink on labels website design facilities page


bunnypants ink on labels website design contact page

bunnypants duckpoint business card


Duckpoint is a very stylish and elegant wedding and function venue, surrounded by the breath-taking scenery of the Vaal River. When they approached Bunnypants, they already had a logo, but needed us to build the rest of their brand. They needed a brand identity, that would capture the beauty of their venue while portraying an overall elegant and high end look. 

Bunnypants designed their business card, letterhead and signature.. along with their website.


bunnypants duckpoint letterhead


bunnypants duckpoint signature


This high end website, with its unique up market look, is a fully functioning CMS based website. Bunnypants designed the website to be appealing and functional to the client (and their clients), with the required SEO in place for the website to be Google friendly as well. 


Duckpoint is a privately located wedding and function venue, located on the banks of the Vaal River with an exceptional view and 5 star service. The client wanted us to capture this beauty through the photos we used and by the way we combined them with our design elements. The overall look of the website is elegant and stylish with tastefully added design elements to complement the modern colour scheme. This 8 page website also includes a news page, where the client can present their latest news and stories, along with upcoming events.


The Bunnypants Studio specializes in Graphic and Website Design and can cater for the needs of a variety of industries successfully. We custom design each project to the specific requirements of the client and give them 2 free revision rounds to finalize changes (we won't stop until the client is 100% happy).


How can we tell your story? Just give us a call and find out.


screen web design duckpoint


duckpoint homepage


duckpoint about us page


duckpoint accomodation page


duckpoint gallery page

bunnypants dr henk swanepoel logo


Yet another beautiful design for a client from Gauteng. Bunnypants is the proud designer of the Corporate Identity and website for Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Henk J. Swanepoel. We developed his brand (logo, business card, letterhead and signature) according to his specific brief requirements, to showcase his already well-known name with a professional, high quality look.

The overall feel to the brand is clean-cut, professional but also eye-catching and leaves a lasting impression


dr henk swanepoel business card letterhead


We also custom designed his fully functioning CMS based website, that is fully responsive to mobile devices. Training was supplied for the website, to assist the client in maintaining their own site in the future. The overall look of the website as requested by the client is clean-cut and professional, it’s easy to navigate and is very informative. The website consists of 5 custom designed pages that are all Google friendly. These are only some of the features of the website, give us a call to find out more about our website and graphic design products.

Dr. Henk J. Swanepoel is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist in private practice, situated in Centurion. He uses group and individual sessions to help individuals and couples to discover that everyone can live to their potential if they are brave enough to explore their inner being, he also specialize in Psycho-legal evaluations.


screen web design dr henk swanepoel


bunnypants dr henk swanepoel website design home page



bunnypants dr henk swanepoel website design about page


bunnypants dr henk swanepoel website design contact page

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