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Whether you are taking the first step or just the next step in getting your business out there in the public eye, Bunnypants is the team you need.


Magic Lawns is a well established business based in Vereeniging, providing in all your lawn needs. The Bunnypants team designed a state of the art website for Magic Lawns to advertise their business and illustrate what they have to offer. Their CMS website gives them the freedom to edit text on their website, like their contact details, by using the training we provide them.


Their earthy and natural website with stunning photos and designs will turn heads, while the functionality of the website will ease your viewing and make you feel welcome.


Every industry is different and has its own strengths and challenges. You need a company who can help you emulate your best features and make you stand out. You need Bunnypants Graphic and Web Design Studio today!


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What is in a logo, you might ask? Well just about everything, especially if you want to be recognized.

Just face it, when you saw this logo, you looked twice - and then again just to see all the detail. This Elegant logo has just the right amount of flair to be eye catching and make you read more. Isn’t this just the perfect custom logo for a stylish interior decorator with custom service and a variety of décor? Milana already has a unique style that is evident in her work and now she has the logo to match it. Working closely with the client, we could establish exactly what she wanted and worked through the revisions until her heart just started beating chocolates.


Just imagine what we can do for you? With our all-round design  skills, almost nothing is impossible. Bunnypants has a team of creative designers who are just waiting to help you find the brand and designs you were looking for. 


With our variety of packages, we can help you from the beginning to the end and build a long lasting relationship with trust and awesome designs!


Pop us a message to get this party started!


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Do you have specialised products or services and need to create a functioning website that your clients can easily navigate to find what they are looking for? This is exactly what Bunnypants Graphic and Web design Studio can offer you. We specialise in taking the ordinary to the next level, based on the needs and specifications of our clients. We take quality designs and consistent branding to heart - so you can rest assured we have your back when it comes to your business designs.


Just take a look at the comprehensive website we designed and built for Accord Lifting based on their already established brand. With their striking black and red brand colours in combination with the design elements, the website really makes a statement of professionality. The client can also easily view Accord Lifting's variety of products or get the needed information about.


Just imagine what we can do for you… The options and opportunities are endless so don’t wait, call us today!


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Ready to take the first step in branding? - Then we are just the right team to help you.


The first step in your professional business designs would be a personalised logo to establish the uniqueness of your business and to give it an identity. From here the options are endless. Just take Everywair Internet as an example; We "klicked" off their designs with a logo and now the road is open for more creative designs in marketing material.


Feeling inspired? Give us a call today!


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