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"I never dreamed about success I worked for it." - Author unknown. Success is what we make it and to maintain it we need to work very hard.

Bunnypants Graphic and Web Design Studio is the top design company in the area and preferred by many clients abroad - and in the broader South Africa. We are based in the Vaal Triangle, just south of Johannesburg. Catering to the needs of our clients is our top priority and really something that sets us apart from the rest.


ESS Holdings is just one of our customers who had a smile at the end of their projects. With an already striking brand, they needed a website that would really make a difference in their marketing plan. The website needed to have a corporate look but still be clean-cut. We really needed to do our research for their project as there are so many companies providing SHERQ solutions. ESS Holdings is a provider of expert SHERQ services and in a league of their own.


With subtle blue and white designs, we accented their futuristic ideas and services while keeping a keen eye on website SEO. This CMS based website offers them easy access to make future changes, using the personalised training videos we recorded. The website is also completely mobile responsive and easy to navigate.


If you are ready to step into the future and take your business to the next level, Bunnypants is the trend setting design company you need. Providing the best solutions for your design and website needs. We are now also directly available on WhatsApp, so test it out at the top of the screen.


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Every now and then you get that very special project that just moves you once it’s done. VDW Tax Consultants is one of those special projects that just came out great once we were done.


This bookkeeping and tax consulting business is truly like no other and you can see by the designs they chose, they know exactly who they are. Now that is the kind of people you want on your books.


We based their designs on a unique tone of business and had to keep a fine balance between all the elements. In general the tone of design needed to be professional but not too corporate, while acknowledging their elegant tone of business and taking care not to make it too feminine. What a challenge, but I’m sure you can agree that the logo- and business cards designs are truly eye-catching.


Who wants a free logo design that limits you to something a 100 other people also has, when you can have a custom designed and professional logo? If your excellent service or top quality product sets you apart from the competition, do yourself the favour and step up the game with some stand out designs to back it up. You receive your final files at the end of your completed project and they are print-ready to ensure you can immediately use them for any of your business needs.


Our fast service and precise execution of design is second to none. As you see with our comprehensive portfolio, we cater to the needs of both big and small companies, who just started up or have been in the business for years. That means you have no reason to hold back on your enquiries, we’re ready for your next big project!


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Viewing a website is not just an action, it's an experience and adventure that allows you to visit a place/company without even leaving your home or office . It can take you anywhere in a moment and make you want more or leave you disappointed - never to return again.


We had the wondrous experience to design a brand new website for the picturesque venue and guesthouse in Lichtenburg named Scott's manor. With pictures depicting their tranquil gardens and versatile conference hall, you can really find what your looking for.


With their fully functioning CMS website, the team at Scott's Manor can refer potential guests to the website with confidence and pride. The website was custom designed and built by our Bunnypants graphic and web design team to cater for the need of our client.


A custom designed website is just so much more personal than a free template. It offers you much better security and piece of mind with a completely custom website look to suit your personal taste, style and need.

The team at Bunnypants is dedicated to help you and design awesome stuff time and time again. Just pop on over to our pricing pages to have a look at our unbeatable prices for graphic design and website development.


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With AI making the future a bit more interesting, you have to admit that the digital world is becoming more and more important if you want a thriving business. This is why building functional websites with custom designed elements is one of our core services. We take pride in helping companies with their branding needs in any industry from all around the world.


Our custom built websites take away the risk your everyday free website templates would hold and gives you a more personalised website with stunning graphics to compliment your brand identity. Just take Hough Attorneys as an example. The website was build according to the specific needs of the client,  keeping true to their established brand. This Law Firm has a direct approach and hands on relations with a very prominent style. The general look of their website is high-end, but also corporate and modern. We also used unique ways to capture the playful nature of its employees and founder.


While Hough Attorneys is located in Pretoria, Gauteng; we could communicate all the details and changes with them via email and telephone with no difficulty. Once the website was done we also recorder personalised training to help them with future changes they can manage themselves. We also take pride in the fact that we build every website to be Google (SEO) and mobile friendly, to ensure that it has the best chance to compete in the digital marketplace.


You shouldn’t wait for your competition to take the first step - Take the leap and jump ahead to ensure you get your branding in place!

Call us today for more info.


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