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Bunnypants is a trendsetting graphic design company, helping our clients become brand leaders in their industry by means of design. Developing brands with passion and designing with strategy is what drives our fire.


Here are a few of the industries we have done designs for: industrial, commercial, construction, educational, hospitality, photography, beauty etc. Bunnypants Graphic and Web Design Studio is based in the Vaal Triangle, but we provide our services to clients all over the world. By firstly taking a look at what the client's need is, we get a unique perspective of what designs will fit the brief the best. Client satisfaction is very important to us and we work hard to knock socks of and impress.


Crown Jewellers is the perfect example of this process and the end result it produces. We designed their corporate identity and also an advertising poster. Just take a look at their stunning brand. We also designed a fully responsive CMS based website for them with an online shop. With SEO done on the website, they will get much better results from generic unpaid searches saving them lots of money.


As you can see, Crown Jewellers have become an ongoing client, trusting us with their branding needs.


Whether you need a personalized website or a brand new corporate identity, we are your go-to people. We cater for all your design needs - from start to finish and aim to make you smile from ear to ear!


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Bunnypants isn't just specialists in digital media, we also specialize in design of print media like flyers, posters, signboards, etc. Even though we live in a fast growing digital world, print media is still a very effective way to promote and advertise.


We recently designed a double sided flyer for Block Power to advertise their revolutionary products that supports going green. These flyers can be used as an informational guide of the product or for advertising in general. It's important not to use too much information and images when designing a flyer, otherwise it will become cluttered and overwhelming to the reader.


Whatever your need is, whether it's digital or print media, Bunnypants is the graphic and web design studio to contact. Because we are leaders in our field, we give you the best product and service by far.


Send us a message and be amazed by what we can do for you.


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At Bunnypants Graphic and Web Design Studio we understand that each business sector is different and has its own set of challenges, but one thing we all have in common is quality. It is so difficult to convince the consumer that not everyone in the business offers the same quality of work, product or service.

With us, clients become friends and projects become proud memories. We just love making new connections with clients and becoming part of their dream in the making. The creative team at Bunnypnats is always ready for a challenge and bounce ideas around to ensure we stay on our toes. We are specialists in our business and we aim to do our best with every design. We don’t just have a creative flair or a technical skill, we strive to merge these two assets into our design process to take our ideas to the next level.

Tradex International is a recently completed website. This PPE supplier based in Vereeniging, Gauteng asked Bunnypants to build their website, but needed their own employee to help with the process. We understand that all our clients are different and so are their branding needs, so we agreed to the terms. We guided their employee with the design of the website and after the look was signed off, we started building. 

Just have a look at the completed Tradex website - The great part of having products developed by Bunnypants is the fact that we supply you with all the files you might need in the future and for websites we give personalized training to manage your website and save costs in the future.

At Bunnypants we like to hear your whole story and the journey to where you are now. By knowing more about you and your business we can bring a personal touch to the final product. What does this mean for you? You will have a strong brand that can stand out from the competition and make you recognizable to the public.

For more detailed info on the products and services we have to offer, click your way through to our pricing pages and drop us a message for your personalized quote.


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So you might have heard of the term “Corporate Identity” and wondered what this means. It is a term used to describe the general look of a company, the corporate colours and logo used on all the company branding etc. It is also known as a corporate look or image. In short this is how the public will see your company and what will help it stand out from the competition. Bigger companies might refer to this as their brand identity and in some cases they will also have a brand guideline to stipulate how the different elements should be used. Some of this might get a little technical and confusing, but that’s why you have Bunnypants. We speak your lingo and we are fluent in design chat - so we are your dedicated translaters when it comes to design, websites and Online Marketing.


With us you’re not just another number, except if your business name is just another number, in which case we will still love you. We like getting close with our clients because their all just friends who don’t know it yet. Personal attention and care is only some of the awesome ingredients we use when we whip up your perfect designs. We also have a whole lot of technical skills that we use to make sure whatever we give you isn’t just pretty, it will work too. Bonus! Functionality and creativity is where we live and we are the kings of the castles here, so your designs couldn’t be in better hands.


Have a look at another stunning design completed by Bunnypants! Dusty Footprint was a very fun project to work on and the client loved the looks. We used the ideas he came up with and ran with it, don’t you just love the symbolism captured in this Corporate Identity? This specialized safari business based in Switzerland is mainly focused on walking and eco-awareness adventures in South Africa. Thanks to Bunnypants they can now proudly advertise their brand knowing it represents what they do.


Is your brand going to be the next one for us to “Bunnyfy”? Hop on that phone and book your project today!


Your world of wonder awaits!


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