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Hopping on the train to success, in any situation, can be a tricky business because there is no straight and narrow way to do it. Whether it is the success of your business, your branding or even your to-do list for the day, you will encounter lots of advice giving you tips and ideas on how to achieve success, but you'll never be certain of the accuracy of those tips/ideas?


At Bunnypants, we have a passion for design. We make it our number one priority to guide our clients in their branding needs, while taking their ideas and opinions to heart. We are proud to say that we will go above and beyond to give our clients an end product that will help them achieve their success in branding!


Just have a look at the strong corporate identity we established for ToroManufacturing. We had a lot of fun playing with white space in the development of the icon; a strong font was added,combined with the colors blue, white and grey - a really professional look was established for their logo, business card, letterhead and signature.

What do you need to get your business that perfect look people will recognise for years to come? What ever it is, just give us a call and get first class professional designs and advice.


torro manufacturing business card design


torro manufacturing corporate identity design


torro manufacturing signature design

 glt group of companies logo design


Your brand and image starts with a professionally designed logo that portrays your organization in a variety of media. Logos give brand name recognition and add visual appeal to any document or web page.
Because your logo is a unique graphic image, your visitors' eyes will naturally be drawn to it both on the web and on your printed materials.


Your professionally designed custom logo will be your first tool in giving your company an identity. Having a unique identity is crucial, because as a direct result of this identity you will become well-known, and you will garner plenty of free advertising. With a good and effective identity you can expect to receive the best advertising: Word of mouth!


We work with you intimately to discover that "look and feel" by taking your concepts to an end product that you can be proud of. We take various factors into consideration when designing your logo to ensure that it fits your needs now and in the future.


Take a look at a small preview of our custom designed quality logos and order one for yourself:


Here we have the recently completed logo and business card we designed for the GLT Group of Companies. Based on their very unique look, we incorporated the services of all the companies in the group to make a one-of-a-kind logo. Like any professional company, the next thing they needed was, a one of a kind business card to advertise their specialised services.


Whether you're in the construction business, repairs and maintenance, engineering, beauty and lifestyle industry or anything else for that matter, you will need professionally designed materials to advertise your business.


glt group of companies business card design

swimkidz sa advertisment material


We're only one call away and we're here to save the day.


Here are some out of the box designs we did for Swimkidz SA. The aim of the marketing materials were to help advertise their classes and get more awareness about the importance of knowing how to swim. The designs have a clean and professional look but still offera playful feeling. Each of the designs are bright and inviting, while giving all the important information the client wanted it to.


Bunnypants graphic and web design studio offers a complete solution to your design needs. For Swimkidz SA, we designed flyers and advertising boards to match their current need. Whatever your looking for in terms of design and websites, just send us a message to find out more.


From logos, corporate identities, websites, company profiles and so much more, we are your one stop provider. Don't forget our freshly discounted prices to soften the impact on your pocket and take away the sting of 15% VAT.


Hurry up and get in touch!


swimkidz sa flyer design


swimkidz sa advertisement board design

bassix logo design 

Brand consciousness is the awareness of a brand, as a distinct product separated from others. It is about an image and the perception of that image. We are all brand conscious and wired to prefer one product or brand over another. A brand-conscious company or organization is very concerned about what people think of its name and its products and this is what will help set them apart from other brands.


This is why Bunnypants graphic and web design studio is the best choice to develop your brand. We take every aspect of the design into consideration, weighing it up before we implement it. Some of these aspects include use of colour, styling, spacing and placement of creative elements, to name a few. You need a design company with a creative team, who have smart designers and who will give you expert advice. You need Bunnypants to help you in the same way they helped the team at Bassix Project Managers. We developed their complete corporate identity, based on their unique style, while fine tuning it using our professional design experience.


Have a look at their stunning logo, business card and letterhead designs. We even developed the look of their brand further, to create a professional company profile they can be proud of. They can now easily present it for a tender or to a client for more information about them.


If you have a specific style or design idea in mind and you're not sure if a design company can capture the essence of it, just give us a call. Based on our widely different portfolio of work, it is clear that we are compatible with any client and any creative style. So rest assured, we will be able to help you with designs you have yet dreamed of.


Call us today for a personalised quote on the most affordable prices you will find.


bassix business card design


bassix letterhead design


bassix signature design