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To have an identity is to have a right of passage and it opens the door to an endless world of relationships. Why should a business be seen any different? The identity of a business (who you are and how you operate) will determine how people do business with you, but the look of a business will determine whether someone will consider doing business with you.


It's shocking but it's true. We may be taught not to judge a book by it's cover, but in the end this is still how we make our initial decisions. That being said, we can't always please everyone and the most important thing in branding is being true to yourself. The first step toward successful branding will be to get a unique logo, custom designed for your business. A logo is the first impression of your brand and it doesn't need to tell the whole story, it only needs to draw attention and introduce you.


Take a look at the awesome and trendy logo we designed for Inina Hair. The look speaks of convenience and style, a statement any company can be proud of. In combination with the dark grey and strong yellow this logo is really designed to make a statement.


If you're ready to have a stunning logo, custom made for your business, give the Bunnypants team a call today!


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inina hair custom logo design

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It’s one thing to know you are great at what you do, another thing for your clients to know your great at what you do, but the real challenge lies in convincing the greater public of how great you are at what you do. The struggle is real and we know just how to help.


Take a look at the stunning website we designed and built for Kenosis Art Studio in the Vaal Triangle. For one very creative team we had to create one very creative website that can really portray their unique style and focus on quality. We took in account their artistic nature, which needed to be a focus point, as they offer personal art classes. The website also needed to show that they are a professional business that has been in existence for many years.


Making history with their personal touch and warm, welcoming environment, their name is known by many in the Vanderbijlpark area. As a local giant in the Art industry and the Vaal Triangle, Kenosis Art Studio knew exactly who should build their new website, and having a business relationship with Bunnypants, just finalised the decision.


Their website is built in state of the art technology that makes it easy to work with. It was built with viewer satisfaction kept in mind and also SEO (Search Engine Optomisation). We first designed their looks to establish the feeling of the website and then the site was built. From here on Kenosis will be able to make changes to their own site or give us a call when an update is needed.


Having a website is just so important, because no matter how well known your business might be, you will always need new business and constant growth to keep on going.


Bunnypants has years of experience in the Graphic and Web Design Industry that is key to making your business stand out from the crowd. Take hold of the potential and contact us today to start with your designs!


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Are you all set up with the perfect business and a plan to succeed? Is all your research done and ready to put into action? Then you must know that the next step is to introduce your winning plan to the world! Yes, the next step is to get your online presence going before someone jumps the gun and leaves you in the dust.


Bunnypants Graphic and Web Design Studio is an industry leader and has years of experience with business designs. We take pride in knowing our clients and getting to know their business personally. It is one thing to just do a design, but to create an image with a personal connection to the personality of the business is something money can’t buy.


Coffee Excellence is one of our loved clients with a brand we truly take pride in and it’s not because we LOVE coffee. We went on a journey with them and had the honour of designing and building their brand new online shop. As they are a strong business quickly going places, we were more than excited to form part of their journey. Based in Gauteng, the Coffee Excellence team can help any client in South Africa and even abroad, to make sure no one feels left behind. Their coffee is truly one of a kind and personally sourced from all over the world, to answer the need for excellent quality coffee. The Bunnypants team designed and built their fully functioning CMS (Content Management System) based website, to match their existing branding. Because their brand is already established, the new website look needed to compliment it - but also give a modern and professional feeling. With the personalised website training included in their package, the Coffee Excellence team will be able to manage their website in the future.


Bunnypants gives personal support to their clients once a project is done, by providing advice, additional services or ongoing management agreements. We believe in giving the client what they pay for, equipping them for the future and providing support when needed. This is what relationships are made of and why you can feel safe in our hands.


Call us today to get hold of your personalized quote or set up a meeting with our trained professionals.


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Have you ever wondered how your favourite brand came to be and what inspired them to go into business?


That's exactly what your clients might be wondering about when it comes to your business. Why take the risk of giving too little information to the public and leaving them wondering? We live in the information age and people relate to personal stories and experiencesBunnypants Graphic and Web Design Studio is the perfect company to assist you in telling your story. Having a website is essential for any business these days and many clients will search for you before they do business with you.


Living Frameless is a very modern company, who specialise in glass and the fitting of glass for any need or occasion. With more than 30 years experience in the industry, they are most proud of the exceptional standard of their service and work. To match their high-end look and strengthen their online presence, Bunnypants designed and built their state of the art website to match the feeling of their business. This CMS based website makes it easy for them to make changes to the site in the future. They can easily blog about completed work and clients can easily enquire about products or prices on the site and get a quick response.


Step into the future like Living Frameless, because the future is now. Let the Bunnypants team take your website and designs to the next level and wipe out the competition while we are doing it.


Call us today to get started.


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