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The Vaal River is considered the jewel of the Vaal Triangle, with some of the most sought after properties on its banks. Living on Vaal is the go to estate agency for the luxurious lifestyle you have been dreaming of.


The Bunnypants team designed the website for Living on Vaal, that brings you one step closer to finding that perfect place in the picturesque surroundings of the Vaal River and surrounding areas. The website is fully functional, mobile responsive and built in the latest CMS technology. It was also built with SEO in mind to make sure it adheres to Google’s requirements. The website was custom designed and the client was supplied with personalised training, which means that they can manage their content and uploads easily and don’t need to take on monthly costs to have this done on their behalf.


After developing their logo we designed their custom website look before building the website according to their needs and requirements. By using the strong black and red brand colours that they wanted, we could create a strong brand image and striking professional website look.


Because our team is both technically and creatively trained, we are more than capable of producing beautiful but also functional websites. We might be located in Vereeniging - Gauteng, but we have many clients all over South Africa, Africa and abroad who have trusted us with their branding for years. We have strong relationships with our clients and take their business just as seriously as we do our own.


If you’re ready to take the plunge into the cyber world with a website that is Google approved, give us a call.


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armed armadillo logo design


"A smart word play and creative illustration can take a good idea and make it great, this is the power of creativity." - Author unknown.


The dynamic design team at Bunnypants recently completed a full corporate identity for Armed Armadillo. The focus of their designs were to look thorough and believable. It needed to represent toughness and strength, qualities of a security company that can't be negotiated about. The "armed armadillo" wordplay in their name is derived from the impenetrable armour the otherwise peaceful animal uses for protection. It represents a team that cares, but in the same breath a team that offers unmovable protection.


To create this image, the creative team at Bunnypants took on the challenging task of creating a tough fearless looking logo. We incorporated the image of the armadillo with a bold 'statement-making' font. The colours used were gunmetal grey and red.


Once the logo was complete, we pulled the look through to the rest of their corporate identity; letterhead, signature and business card.


Does your company need a statement making look like Armed Armadillo? Still looking for the right team to develop it for you? Look no further, because you have found the answer. Bunnypants Graphic and Web Design Studio is the one stop solution shop for you. We offer end to end solutions at the most competitive prices.


Give us a call today and find out what is next for you.


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oozy orgs logo design


We all strive to be unique and recognizable in our own special way. The same should be a priority when it comes to your business - after all, it does become an individual entity with character traits and a recognisable image.


There are so many factors that decide what a successful business looks like and that guide us to measure the success of the hard work we have put in to making it work. The thing is, first impressions make a lasting impact on how people perceive your business and what you have to offer. Even though most people won’t be able to design a company logo or branding theme, subconsciously we all have an eye for it.


By looking at a logo or the branding of a company, we immediately form an opinion about them. We get an automatic feeling as a response to what we see and we react on that. This is why it is crucial to create a good first impression people can relate to and associate a feeling of trust with. Take your first step in the right direction by getting a professional design company like Bunnypants Graphic & Web Design Studio to do the professional branding for your company.


Take a look at this stunning logo we designed for Oozy Orgs, capturing their professional image in combination with their stylish nature. We used a bold feminine font along with a strong cursive font that is all clearly legible. For the icon, we made use of the “O” in their name and some soft flowers to create a memorable image that can be used as a standalone representation of the brand.


If you’re ready to take hand with a design company that puts deeper thought into the designs they create, then give us a call today!

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Bunnypants is the team who brings the balance between creativity and functionality to you. When you're in need of creative designs that work, you can rest assured that we have your back. Having a creative team with both talent and direction is priceless, just like having an iconic logo to represent your company.


For Inina Hub we designed a high-end, but corporate logo and we kept the style Simple and Clean to create the complete feeling they were looking for. We used their choice of Gold, Black and White to emphasise the message of empowerment, energy, happiness and luxury they wanted to convey.


Just like every company, client and project is unique, every design also needs to be unique - that is why we don't use any templates. The Bunnypants team doesn't just offer you awesome designs, we also offer you an all round specialised service.


Call us today to get a quote on the designs you need.


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