E-Sports - Level-Up - Gaming Logo Design

bunnypants logo e sports level up

Wow, what an exciting logo created by the Bunnypants team - E-Sports, Level-up. Having a well-designed logo was very important to this client.


Seeing as the design of the gaming industry is quite loud and overwhelming, E-Sports wanted to use a different approach toward branding. By using clearly incorporate elements associated with gaming, a colour scheme that normal gamers would not use and a strong font to round it all of - E-Sports received a unique logo design that stands out in its industry and represents exactly what it is required to. At Bunnypants Graphic and Web Design Studio, we will go 'above and beyond' to ensure that our clients are happy with their newly established designs!


It’s time for you to choose a graphic design company who has your best interest at heart and who just won’t stop until your 'over the moon'!


It’s time for you to contact the Bunnypants team to handle your design needs with ease!


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